Monday, May 23, 2005

Day 100

Wow! 100 Days of change searching. And Chris has almost tripled me up!

Today we must honor Ryan. He is a guy that both Chris and I know from going to baseball games at Minute Maid Park. His big thing is to collect 100 of things. Every season he tries to catch 100 balls during batting practice. It would be a worthy goal, except for his use of Speed Bump. Speed Bump is the nickname for his younger cousin (The name comes from a time when he was accidentally run over by a car. Don't give me the evil look, I didn't make up the nickname!). Ryan brings Speed Bump to many of the Astros games, and last year, he had Speed Bump wear a fake cast. So of course a baseball player sees a little kid with a cast, he is going to throw him a baseball. It was kinda funny the first time, noticing how many baseballs he could get with this gag. But the is started to happen numerous times. So much so that players for visiting teams would remember him and stop throwing balls up to Speed Bump. But the crazy thing, was that Ryan counted all those baseballs toward his 100. I didn't really agree with it, because, who needs 100 baseballs? I usually go out with a glove during BP, and I will catch about 15-20 balls a year during batting practice. I would say that I keep 1 in 10, the rest I give to little kids. Ryan also went through a phase where he would try to collect 100 souvenir cups after each Astros game. So since 100 is such a big number for Ryan, today is dedicated to you!

On the way to work, I found nothing at Taco Bell, but my change girlfriend (Wendy's) had a penny waiting for me. I also found 1 penny in the hallway coming into work. After work I hit up Sonic for 1 penny, and checked out McDonald's for the first time in the race. I found change at both of the windows (1 dime and 5 pennies). The manager gave me a funny look, but didn't say anything. I was wearing a shirt and tie, and I think that might have something to do with it.
I thought about going for the exact $1.00 day, or trying to find 100 pennies to honor Ryan, but I have to work real late tonight, so his only honor is mention in the blog. Which might be more than he deserves!

Total for the Day - $0.18
Total for the Race - $24.63

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Chris said...

100 hats off to Ryan & Speed Bump. I'm going to go pour 100 beers on the curb for the homies that ain't here.