Saturday, May 28, 2005

Day 105

I had to do some work downtown this afternoon, but after I was done I found a penny walking back to my truck. On the way home I decided to change search a section of FM-1960 which I like to check out when I drive back from downtown. I stopped at an Arby’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Sonic, Whataburger and Car Wash. All in all I found 1 quarter, 1 dime, 1 nickel and 19 pennies, giving me the 4th Change Cycle of the month. This is the first time I have had 4 Change Cycles since March, and those were during Marti on Vacation days.

I was talking with Chris on the cell phone while I was searching and since he was in the area he decided to meet up with me. I hadn’t really done a serious search of the area, and when Chris arrived he promptly found 2 dimes and 1 penny. It was rather annoying watching Chris find even MORE change and padding his lead. It’s no fun losing, but it is even less fun to have it rubbed in your face. I’m just happy that he didn’t find another $20 bill in front of me. But with his luck, I’m sure he’ll find some paper money later on today while cashing in his lottery ticket. I think that I need to jam a horseshoe up my ass and sleep on a bed of four leaf clovers and rabbits feet. It blows me away that I make one joke about how I have found 2 bills to his one, and the NEXT DAY he finds another $20 bill. He is turning into a deity, you can’t take his name in vein!

On the way back from downtown today, I saw something very interesting. There was a truck on the inside median (The Left side next to the fast lane) with a tow truck in front of it. This is a normal site around Houston, but what was strange was that the tow truck driver was trying to use a Slim Jim to open up the door. So somehow this guy got his truck to the inside median, then locked his keys inside. Did he pull over to check a tire and accidentally hit the lock button while closing the door? We will never know, but I think it is safe to say that a comedy of errors had to occur to place him in his situation. If Seinfeld were still running, I would say that it would be a good plot line for Kramer.
(I must give credit where credit is due. I was on the phone with Chris when I saw this. After I told him about it, and we joked about how he got in that scenario, he said that it was an interesting thing to blog about. Had he not mentioned this, I’m not sure you would have read about it. So an assist goes to Chris. So now Chris leads in the assist category as well!)

Total for the Day - $0.59
Total for the Race - $25.78


Chris said...

A very solid blog entry, and not just because you talked about my greatness. However, one minor correction. You witnessed me finding two dimes and TWO pennies, not two dimes and one penny.


Bailey said...

Oh no. Have I angered the leader with my miscount of his totals?

Today will I be punished by you finding a $5 bill and 26 $1 coins?