Friday, May 06, 2005

Day 83

Before going to work I stopped at KFC and found 1 penny, and I stopped at Wendy's and found 2 pennies. While picking up stuff for dinner, I found 1 penny by the Coinstar machine at Kroger.

Found another interesting website today - Save Toby. It is a guy with a pet rabbit, who says that he is going to kill and eat his rabbit on June 3o, 2005 if he doesn't raise $50,000. Did some research on this and found that since eating rabbit is not a crime and it is his rabbit, he isn't doing anything illegal like animal cruelty. Because of this the company that hosts his website was not able to take it down. I have no idea whether or not his numbers are legit, but if he can make money this way, more power to him. It's fun to check out the pictures of Toby and the recipes that he is considering using for Toby.

Total for the Day - $0.04
Total for the Race - $20.61

Survivor Update

Well I was finally wrong with a prediction. But I’m still rooting against Caryn because she ruined the girl alliance with Stephenie.

Ian has officially joined Johnny Fair Play in the One Liner Hall of Fame with his line about stealing a bag of chips from a fat man.

Speaking of Ian, the amount of weight he has lost is borderline scary. And even though The Sports Guy mentioned this first, Katie has ballooned out while on the island. I really think she is gaining weight, a Survivor first. I think she smuggled in a pig or something.

I love that Gregg asked permission from Jennifer before he cut her string. Take away from the fact that it was a totally whipped move and Probst damn near questioned his manhood. It shows how hard a male/female alliance is. Ian and Tom are just as close, but because they are guys, it isn’t perceived the same as Jenn and Gregg.

The power play that Ian and Tom played on Katie was amazing. Basically telling her that she could vote with them or go to the stones. Very much like the mafia. If Katie wins immunity, I’m afraid that she will end up 6 feet under on the other side of the beach.

How is it possible that Katie is YOUNGER than Jenn? And a few more thoughts while we’re talking about Jenn. Survivor is always the best way to answer the age old question, “Are those breasts real?”. Stephenie was the same build as Jenn, and by the time she got voted off she was flatter than my 8th grade girlfriend. Yet last night Jenn was still rolling with C cups.

Odds are now even money that Jenn will be laying down for some sort of porn mag, the only odds are now on which one. Which we will find out soon, because I think that she is the next one voted out.


Ethan the wonderful. said...

I must say I enjoy the "viver update thought I hve never seen the show (mostly on purpose)

Brian said...

Your Survivor update is pretty much verbatim how I was discussing this with Liza tonight. I loved Ian's line, too. I had the same thoughts on Katie. I was pumping my fists when Gregg got the boot; it might have been my favorite moment since Burton got kicked off for the second time during Rupert's season. It was a clutch episode in every regard.

... I missed the Stephenie episode because of the president's speech. We taped the wrong hour...

Bailey said...

Yea it was nice to see Gregg go, but I'm going to pump my fist when Caryn gets the boot.

Sorry to hear that you missed last week's. Marti and I were talking about how much it would suck if we had scheduled the VCR then got stuck with a Bush State of the Union. Sorry it had to happen to you.

Good to know that great minds think alike about Survivor.

I personally think that Ian is the front runner to win.