Sunday, May 08, 2005

Day 85

Last night I stayed up late to watch the end of the Rockets game. It was a rather disappointing day of basketball watching, because I was excited to watch back-to-back game sevens, and neither one was close. But as the Rockets game was drawing to a close, I noticed that I wasn’t tired AND it was close to midnight. So when the clock struck midnight, I went out for some change searching. My first stop was Starbucks, where I brought a screwdriver to chisel out a penny that was stuck in some black tar or old gum. It was a good thing that I brought my tools, because I ended up hitting a Starbucks a bit north of me and had to chisel out another penny. All told I went to JR’s Car Wash, 2 Starbucks, Burger King, Long John Silver’s, Wendy’s and Sonic and found 1 quarter, 6 dimes, 1 nickel and 19 pennies.

It turned out to be a good idea that I did some early morning change searching, because it has been pouring all day. But that didn’t some Marti and I from running some errands. We went to the jewelry store to buy our wedding rings and on the way out I found a quarter. I found one nickel in a Coke machine while grocery shopping at Randall’s, and one penny next to the credit card machine at Blockbuster. My finds earned me my second straight chance cycle and my second dollar day of the month.

Speaking of those credit card machines, I’m getting very tired of pushing the button for Credit or Debit, then having the cashier ask me the EXACT same question. Can’t the cashier tell which button I selected? It always annoys me!

Total for the Day - $1.40
Total for the Race - $22.55


Chris said...

The Mark McGwire blast made me laugh, the lack of passion makes me sad. Not much more I can say.


Brian said...

I don't like when cashiers do that, too. I also don't like when you enter your phone number/Social Security number into an automated system and then the operator asks for it. Sometimes I chuckle at the absurdity of it.