Friday, May 13, 2005

Day 90

At KFC this morning I found 2 pennies. After a long day of work, when I came back to the apartment, I found a penny next to my car when I parked.

This morning I woke up and was very tired, and unfortunately I never really woke up throughout the day. I’m not really sure why I’m so tired, but thankfully it is Friday and I have a full weekend to rest up.

One thing I TOTALLY forgot to mention, but on Thursday I found a dollar bill on the floor at work. It doesn’t count towards the race, because Chris and I decided early on that only coins would count. But that makes my second dollar found in this race. One of the few areas where I have Chris beat!

Total for the Day - $0.03
Total for the Race - $23.39

Survivor Update

In the words of The Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons, “Best car reward…EVER!” Seriously, normally they just give away some Pontiac concept car in a hideous color. But this time, they go for the cherry red Corvette? Shouldn’t they have saved this for the All-Stars?

Speaking of the reward challenage, I thought that Ian had finally gotten it. When you are in a pair alliance, you should NEVER take that person on your reward challenge. He had Tom talked about how they wouldn’t take each other. Then Ian wins and takes Tom. Leaving behind all the 3 girls to be annoyed and plot against them. Maybe you have to be there to understand the decisions, but it has just never made sense to me.

Another classic quote from Ian, “It’s Survivor not Parchese.” Once again passing the Make Bailey laugh out loud test for the second week in a row. And while we are on the subject of Ian, Marti bought his crying routine this week. So predictable.

In the spirt of the Sport Guy, I will break down the Survivor Final 4, by comparing them to the remaining NBA teams in the playoffs.

Tom – Detroit Pistons
Even though he isn’t the trendy pick to win, he is probably the right choice. Much like the Pistons he does what it takes to get it done. He’s strong arming people and playing with power, not finesse. It might not be pretty and his style can grate on your nerves, I can see him just continuing to get it done, just like the Pistons.

Ian – Phoenix
The trendy pick. Maybe more flash than substance? While you can’t really go wrong between Nash and Shaq for MVP, I think it has to be Shaq. Nash’s previous team did better without him and he can’t play defense. All that said, he had a great season. Kinda get the same feel from Ian, great Survivor player but maybe not championship material. He’s fun to watch, like the Suns, long and lanky, like many of the Suns. He is fun to watch and keeps the game exciting, but has the feel of a fan favorite who just can’t get over the final hump, just like the Suns.

Jenn - Indiana
The team that no one is thinking about goes to the player that no one is thinking about. Indiana lost one of their best players for the season, Ron Artest, and you could say that Jenn has lost her biggest ally in the game, Gregg. She doesn’t draw a lot of attention to herself and she takes bad situations and turns them into positives. I get the feeling that she is going to be continued to be overlooked only to make a serious run at the championship, just like the Pacers.

Katie - Miami
So much promise, but yet so many question marks. Is Dwayne Wade for real? Is Shaq healthy? Will Alonzo Mourning’s only kidney hold up throughout the playoffs? Will Jenn be the odd man out? Or will she be able to convince Ian to get rid of Tom and take HER to the final two. The comparison is also helped that now she is almost as big as Shaq. I know that CBS would NEVER allow it, but what if she was pregnant? I’m really waiting for the final tribal council when they ask her how many candy bars she ganked from the crew? Anyway, I just get the feeling even though she has shown some signs of being of championship caliber, she’s going to get bumped out by more complete players like Tom, just like the Heat.

So there it is.

My final predication is Tom. I think that in the jury, people will respect that he played out in the open, and didn’t rid coat tails like Ian. But I am anticipating a GREAT final tribal council. I think that with Coby, Stephanie, Janu and Caryn the ingredients are there for some serious fireworks.

So now is the time. Comment and leave your picks. Get in before Sunday!
Winner gets the next NON-CHANGE find I make!


Brian said...

I'm going to go with Indiana, errrr, Jenn, just to be a contrarian. I think you're right that if Tom makes it to the finals, then he wins because he truly is the most deserving (although Colby is a prime example of that theory gone bad). But I also thought Jenn was a bit under the radar and that could serve her well if Tom gets picked off. Then again, it's really hard to tell what's up with all the editing trickery

Two other things: I also loved the Parchesi line. And please don't give any spoilers until Monday's post. I have to tape it and I don't know when I'll get to watch...

Bailey said...

You are right, it is so hard to pick winners at this stage because so much depends on who makes it to the final 2.

The interesting this is so much depends on the jury. Sometimes they respect people who are strong players, other times they like people who rode the coat tails and did't piss anybody off.

Good see we both love Ian's lines. I look forward to more in the final.
I totally understand you not wanting spoilers. I will make my final re-cap late on Monday. I promise no spoilers on Sunday.

We'll discuss the final later this week.