Thursday, May 12, 2005

Day 89

I was worried that today would be a tough day because not only did I have an early morning meeting at work, I had to present at the meeting. So I couldn’t be skating in a few minutes late through the back door. Luckily I got up early and was able to make a stop at Arby’s on the way into work. Not only did I arrive early for the meeting, but I arrived with a penny to show for my efforts. While at work I found a penny on the ground while leaving.

Tonight Marti had to work late, so I had some time to myself, which means…….time to change search. JR’s car wash was first and I found 5 pennies. Then I had to stop off at the post office to send out some stuff. While I was using the automated machine, standing in an empty Post Office, I couldn’t help scanning the ground. It just felt like change was to be found. Finally on my way out I found the penny that had been setting off the radar! I finished off the night by picking up some Sonic for dinner (And a milkshake for Marti after a long day at work) and I also picked up 5 more pennies and a nickel.

Tonight I had a bunch of random thoughts, such as, my chances on a whistling version of American Idol, thoughts on Elvis, turn signal timings, the prevalence of beepers in the mid 90’s and their spiral into utter uselessness and the 80’s music genre. I will get to these in days to come, but to keep this post a manageable size, I will comment on my favorite thought of the night.

Driving home, I heard You Might Think by The Cars. A great 80’s song, and while I’ve know of The Cars for YEARS, I’ve never given much thought to their name. It sounds cool, because they are a cool band. Much like silly names like Plaxico (Burris), Armani (Toomer), River (Phoenix), LeBron (James) sound cool if you are a famous athlete or actor. But if you are average, then you are very odd. Got me thinking about how crazy the band name really is…..The Cars. Where they really stoned one night and just tried to name their band with things they could see without moving. The Blinds?……The Weed?…..The Zig Zags?…..The Walls?.........The Carpet?..........The Street?.......No WAIT, I’ve got it…………THE VOLVOS……errrr……puff……..THE CARS!
When I explained my theory to Marti, she just said, “Sounds like you put a lot of thought into something utterly unimportant!” Sometimes I wonder if my genius is lost on Marti.

And finally, since Liza (From Change Quest fame) made her first comment on my blog yesterday, I thought I would leave her with a present. She mentioned how much she wish they had Sonic in NJ. I feel for her, because now that I am living in the world of Sonic, I couldn’t imagine going back. So my first ever personal picture posted will be of my Sonic dinner for Liza to enjoy! A breakfast burrito, cheesy tator tots and a Oreo shake for dinner! Stay tuned, as many more pictures will now be flowing from this blog relating to the Change Race. As Chubs sang in Happy Gilmore, “We’ve only just begun!”


Total for the Day - $0.18
Total for the Race - $23.36


Marti said...

Seriously, I stand by my original comment: You spend a lot of time thinking about utterly unimportant stuff. I am, however, curious about your opinion on turning signal timings. What do you REALLY think?

Bailey said...

You are going to have to wait and read my future posts.

So nice to have to back in the blogging world. Now don't tease us again with 3 days of posts then nothing for 3-4 months.

You need to start blogging everyday, so then we have a reason to blog (and change search)over the honeymoon

Marti said...

Mickey Mouse would be so upset with you if he heard you say that! YOU CANNOT CHANGE SEARCH ON OUR HONEYMOON! I will be very annoyed if you leave me for a handful of coins that some kid has carried around in their grubby hands, all sticky with ice cream and mustard, and who knows what bodily fluids, just so you can stay competitive in this race! I do not want to explain to people that "Yes, we are on our honeymoon, and yes, that is my husband rooting for change in the Coke machine. May I have another glass of Chardonnay, please?" If you find it randomly, okay, but no searching!

Chris said...

YES, Marti bringing it strong. I'm not you, but I would insist on no change searching after the wedding. After all, you don't want people talking about your husband. Stay strong, there might be some change in it for you!

Liza said...

Oh Marti...I feel your pain about honeymoon change searching. It was almost four years ago exactly that were in the Hawaii on our honeymoon.

I'll say no more.......

Liza said...

PS: Thanks for the Sonic I sit here in my cubicle eating instant oatmeal.

Bailey said...

Liza (Mrs. $500),

I'm happy that you enjoy the Sonic picture. It was much better than instant oatmeal.

Marti will feel good to know that she isn't the only one who will have to deal with change searching on her honeymoon.
I think that Disneyworld could be a good place to search. Then again they really do keep that place clean, so it is possible that the staff doesn't let it stay on the ground to long.

Brian said...

Nice Sonic picture. I like places that have the breakfast option all day long. I got a lime rickey during our one visit, and I threw away the cup without realizing there were hidden cherries.

As for coin finding on the honeymoon, I did fairly well, though Liza misrepresents the searching aspect. Looking back at the records from that time, it appears I was shut out the first two days because of travel, but I made finds on most of the other days.

Also, during a trip to Disney later that same year, I made only a few scant finds. Marti might be happy to know that.