Friday, June 17, 2005

Day 125

I had to do some errands this morning and I found a penny at the check-out counter at Target, where I started using one of the many gift cards that we have gotten as wedding gifts. I then went to Taco Bell to pick up some lunch and found a quarter and penny in the drive-thru.

Later in the night I found 2 pennies at Randall’s and 1 dime at Starbucks.

So if you were an aspiring Rock n’ Roll drummer which would be a worse gig – being a drummer for a boy band (Backstreet Boys) or Wilson Phillips?

Just a quick note on my plans for the next few weeks and it’s effect on the blog.
Tomorrow I am driving to Kansas City. Sunday I am driving from Kansas City to Indiana. I will be in Indiana for the week before the wedding. Next weekend is the wedding, then we have a week for the honeymoon in Disneyworld. We will spend 4th of July with Marti’s family, then drive back to Texas. So I will try to post as often as possible, but there might be some gaps. I will be back in Texas around July 7th, at which point I will begin posting regularly.

Total for the Day - $0.39
Total for the Race - $34.41

1 comment:

Brian said...

All the best to you and Marti...
... enjoy the days and will be looking forward to your regular return to the blog form of the race.