Thursday, June 16, 2005

Day 124

This morning since Chris was still out of town, I decided to go pay a visit to his Kwick Kar Wash. I was amazed to find nothing. At least I found 14 pennies at the McDonald’s and Sonic next door, or else the trip would have been a total waste.

After Chris and I met up for dinner I decided to do some change searching, and I ended up finding numerous pennies. I knew that I was near 30 or so pennies when I called up Chris to find out his single high for pennies in a day, which was 67. This gave me a goal to shoot for. I know that I was serious about this quest as I lay flat on the ground in the lobby of the Post Office trying to reach 2 pennies under a stamp machine. (Mission Accomplished!)

At Whataburger, the lady stuck her head out the window and said that I was taking her dimes (There were 2 dimes and a penny on the ground). I gave her the penny and told her that the dimes were mine to keep as a finders fee. She did not like that proposal, but she didn’t have a counter offer, so it had to stand.

At JR’s Car Wash I found one of the nastiest coins in the race. At first I thought it was a penny, but it turned out to be a nickel with some SERIOUS brown goop on it. I had to pick up a napkin off the ground before I put it into the cargo shorts.

Now all I was missing was a Quarter for the cycle. I was disappointed when I did not find it at Wendy’s or McDonald’s, but I did find more pennies. Finally the Starbucks nearby gave me the quarter and the cycle.

I have left out some find because I didn’t keep track of all the finds and corresponding places. But all told today I found 1 quarter, 5 dimes, 2 nickels and 62 pennies. It is the highest daily total of pennies that I have gotten, but I miss the race mark by five. Although it must be said that when Chris found his 67 pennies it was a day when he broke into a vacuum cleaner. Much like the last few years in baseball with steroids, his totals in the Vacuum Cleaner Era must be looked at with suspicion.

Total for the Day - $1.47
Total for the Race - $34.02

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Chris said...

It's good to see that the Vacuum Cleaner Era was not followed by a Dead Penny Era like in baseball. But call it what you will, history will record 67 as the mark to beat.