Friday, July 22, 2005

Day 160

Chris and I were meeting up for dinner, and since I was driving by his place, we met up at the Chevron station. We met there, because we both have a bunch of free 1-liter Coke caps, that we pick up on the ground at Astros games. We went to Chevron, because it is one of the few places that has 1-liter Cokes, and accept these caps.
Chris was there first, and already got his Coke. I went in to get my Coke, and found a dime on the carpet near the counter. It was a solid find, because it was silver, and it ment that Chris missed it, and I didn't.

Total for the Day - $0.10
Total for the Race - $36.44


Chris said...

I'm filled with shame for missing that dime. My only excuse, just so the readers know, is that I did have some minor surgery today and was a bit out of it. Still, a dime is a dime.


Bailey said...

You were able to get your coke, drive and eat dinner. If you were able to do all that, then you shouldn't be missing dimes.
Surgery excuse should not have even been brought up. You are better than that.
Considering you were really hurting after dinner, but yet stopped at the car wash!

Chris said...

Wow, slamming a guy just out of surgery. Instead of slapping me down you should be picking me up. Considering the pain I was in after dinner I should get a big congrats for stopping to find change. That said, there is no excuse for the missed dime. I hang my head in shame.