Saturday, July 23, 2005

Day 161

Found 1 penny while at work today.

So Marti and I have a new obsession, watching GSN and playing online with the games at On most of their shows, you can answer the questions along with the show, and play for points. Tonight Marti and I both made the Top Ten during Who Wants to be a Millionaire. And the cool thing, is that during every other commerical break, they put the Top Ten on TV! I also made Top Ten during Weakest Link. (We also really enjoy playing along with Lingo, Family Feud and Match Game)
I hate to admit it, but making the Top Ten for the first time was one of the biggest thrills I've had in a while (Wedding/Honeymoon don't count). Marti and I even took a picture of the TV when we both made the Top Ten for the first time.

There you can see, Marti at #2 (SnarkySnape) and me at #6 (baileyboy36).

So watch GSN, play online, and look for baileyboy36 and SnarkySnape!

Total for the Day - $0.01
Total for the Race - $36.45


Chris said...

SnarkySnape? What exactly is that?

Bailey said...

Snarky means moody.
Snape is Marti's favorite character in Harry Potter.

But she is #3 to you!

#6 - Out!

Chris said...

10-4 #6. Give my regards to #3.

Chris (#$111.06)