Sunday, August 07, 2005

Day 176

Getting ready to watch the Brickyard 400, I went to KFC to pick up some Boneless Honey BBQ Wings. I found a penny in the KFC parking lot.

I can't accurately describe the scene at KFC, but it was A LOT of fun to watch. The mother in front of me almost had a nervous break-down trying to figure out which sides to get for her family. At one point her teenage kids went to go sit down, and she yelled that they had to come back to the counter to help her order, because it was to confusing for her.

The service was slow, not because of bad service, but because the KFC was understaffed. While I was waiting for my food, an employee came in to pick up his paycheck, and the kid at the counter told him that he needed to stay to work, because they were swamped. The kid said no, at which point the kid behind the counter told him that he wouldn't get his paycheck if he wouldn't come help out. So the kid who needed his paycheck, called over the Hispanic cook who seemed to speak no English, and got her to get his check for him, then he bolted out of the KFC. Good Times.

So because of this understaffing, I am going to make it my mission to find the manager who busted me for change searching, and tell him to do a better job of staffing and to stop worring about me, and of course, I'll be picking change at the time!

Total for the Day - $0.01
Total for the Race - $42.77


Liza said...

Maybe the manager's name is Joe Chigen.

Bailey said...

That's good.

What about
Karl Frank Costa?
He could monogram all his stuff!