Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Day 178

On the way to work this morning I found 2 pennies at Arby's. I am not to happy with my lackluster finds the last 3 days, and I even pondered going out tonight to do some extra change searching, but I am just too tired. The past few days of work have really beaten me down, and I haven't been getting that much sleep. Hopefully I will get some energy for searching this weekend.

I found a interesting website where you can create a map which shows all the states that you have visited. One of my goals in life is to visit all 50 states. This is my map.

Currently I have visited 40 states, althought it might be higher by one or two because I might have forgotten a flight layover somewhere. In an effort to keep better track of this, in the past few years, when I travel to a new state, I send myself a postcard from that state. So, I might have to re-visit some random states, but my new goal is to have a postcard from all 50 states.

I showed Marti an interesting blog that I read about in Newsweek. She found it interesting, and said that she would blog about it tonight, and try to re-start her blog again. We'll see about that, and if she doesn't produce, then I'll share the website with you tomorrow.

Total for the Day - $0.02
Total for the Race - $42.80


BeckEye said...

Wow, you've certainly been around! I haven't been to too many places. I'd love to see all 50 states too, but I'd much rather take a trip to Ireland.

Bailey said...

I was lucky to take a trip out west as a kid. Knocked off a whole bunch of those big random states.
Plus, having family out East, you can travel a few miles and knock off a bunch of states!

Althought, Chris (Race of the Century) has almost been to all 50. He just got Alaska, one of the harder ones to get!

Ireland would be nice. Been to most of Europe, but no Ireland!

Chris said...

I have been to Irealand, but it is memorable for bad reasons. It was a layover from a trip back from Moscow. Apparently my then girlfriend and I wandered into a restricted area and there had just been a bomb threat at the airport. Before I knew what was happening we were encircled by lots of police officers with machine guns. Fun times.


I Love Lance-A-Lot said...

Bailey, you are absolutely SLACKING in the change department! You need to bear down and find some change. Will I be seeing you at an Astros game this week?