Saturday, August 13, 2005

Day 182

Today I decided to do some Blog maintaince, and change my profile picture. Strong Bad was good, but today it hit me what I should have as a profile picture - COINS!
So my orginal thought was to use the 1920 Wheat Penny that I found a while back. So I pulled out my change race jug, dumped it out, and went through all the coins looking for the penny. It was about halfway through that I decided that a Texas state quarter would also be cool, and make a bit more sense. But the only thing that bothered me, was that I find so many more pennies than any other coin, so it doesn't seem right that my picture should be a quarter. So after some discussion with Marti, I decided to have the quarter on a background of pennies.
But I couldn't stop the search for the wheat, since I had already wasted 20 minutes going through change. As expected the penny was at the bottom of the pile I had gone through. Could it have gone any other way? I would have better odds betting on Willie Aames winning a Oscar in 2006, then having the wheat penny be on top of the pile.
I finally found the wheat penny, and decided to use it in my background of pennies. So if you look closely, to the upper right of the quarter is the back of the wheat penny. To the bottom right of the quarter is the back of a penny that I really thought looked cool. I hope you enjoy, and appricate any comments.

Walking into Blockbuster I found 1 penny. Then while at Randall's I found a penny in the middle of the card asle (Marti had to get birthday cards for her brother and sister) and another penny was found at the check-out counter.

Total for the Day - $0.03
Total for the Race - $43.87

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