Monday, August 22, 2005

Day 191

On the way to work this morning I found 4 pennies at Arby's.
Then while leaving the mall tonight with Marti I found a penny in the parking lot. Then at Randall's, while picking up some milk and OJ, I found a very shinny 2005 penny under the check-out counter.

Last night while watching one of my favorite movies, Major League, I noticed something new (I plan to e-mail my thoughts to the Sports Guy, so maybe he will be able to answer this burning question in his next mail bag. Stay tuned!)

In the final game sequence, Ricky Vaughn (played by Charlie Sheen) comes out of the bullpen to get out the big Yankee hitter Haywood. When he comes out of the bullpen, the stadium plays the song "Wild Thing" and the crowd goes nuts, and this scene probably started the whole "closing pitcher has an entrance song" craze in MLB. Here's what got my mind going.....throughout the movie Vaughn was a starting pitcher, and this was probably his only relief appearance of the season. Hell the manager even debated on starting him in the game. So when he is called out of the bullpen, why would the Indians have an intro song cued up for him? And why would they have "Wild Thing" graphics for the scoreboard? And why would the entire crowd know to sign along and have "Wild Thing" signs and such?

I understand that throughout the movie he earned the nickname "Wild Thing", so fans having a few signs would not be uncommon. But even then, most Roger Clemens fans aren't going to bring a whole bunch of "ROCKET" signs to a game in which Roy Oswalt is pitching, just hoping that they call Clemens out of the bullpen and start blaring "Rocket Man" by Elton John.
But I have a hard time believing that for his first relief appearance of the season, there is such a choreographed entrance for Vaughn. I justg can't believe that I didn't pick up on this before. Or the fact that in the next half inning, the Yankee relief pitcher (The Duke) comes out of the EXACT same door in the outfield. (Oh, and in case you are thinking about making the comment about how Willie Mays Hays became Omar Epps and the Skull and Cross bones are ABSURDLY large on Vaughn's glasses in the second movie, don't bother. Major League 2, Major League Back to the Minors, Major League goes to Japan, Major League 33 1/3, , Major League 4 - Electric Boogalou, The Next Karate Kid and Grease 2 NEVER HAPPENED!

Total for the Day - $0.06
Total for the Race - $45.77

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Chris said...

Let's not knock sequels. I was in Major League II, which was filmed in Baltimore. I was in the stands and in the final scene I got to rush the field. Try as I might, I never see myself. I wonder if I got cut.