Sunday, August 21, 2005

Day 190

After getting some bagels for breakfast, Marti and I went to Target to get some new sunglasses. For some reason, I ALWAYS hate shopping for sunglasses, I just never seem to find a pair that I like. In fact, one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses were found on the ground at an Astros game 2 years ago. Regardless, on the way to Target, I stopped off at Chick-Fil-A where I found 1 quarter, 1 dime, 1 nickle and 2 pennies (There was also a green dog biscuit which wasn't pickd up). Once again, Chick-Fil-A provided me with a good amount of silver and a 1 stop change cycle. At first Marti groaned when I said I was going to make a quick stop, but then when she saw how much I got she perked up. I'm afraid to say that Marti might be a change race bandwagon fan. I just hope that she doesn't start picking up a bunch of Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Braves, or Chicago Bulls jerseys.

Later in the day, after a nice but hot jog, Marti and I headed out to the pool. When we got there, I found the reason to my underwater finds on August 4th. A mother had a bag of change, and was tossing it into the pool for her kids to go diving for. Once the kids had left, I noticed that they left 1 penny on the bottom of the pool, so I extended their game and went diving down to get it. On the way out of the pool area, I noticed a pile of change, that the kids must have left behind. 1 nickle and 16 pennies was the total take.

Total for the Day - $0.64 - Change Cycle
Total for the Race - $45.71


Marti said...

Actually, I perked up because we were LEAVING Chick-Fil-A. I didn't even know what you found, except for the dog biscuit!

What is it with biscuits lately?

Bailey said...

And you were happy that I DIDN'T bring back the biscuit.
Maybe this is the Chinese month of the biscuit!

Chris said...


You need to respond to the band wagon smack or I will think it's true. Do you do the tomahawk chop? Do you have a poster of Troy Aikman in your room? These are serious aligations!