Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Day 228

This morning I was very excited to make a stop off at Taco Bell, because in the past few days Taco Bell has been SO busy, as it was one of the few places open after Hurricane Rita. I was sad to find a bunch of bees around an old Coke cup, and only 1 penny.

While picking up stuff for dinner, I found 1 penny at Kroger near the soda machines. I wanted to go out later in the night to do some change searching, but I was tired and decided to call it a night.

Total for the Day - $0.02
Total for the Race - $57.14

Survivor Update
Due to Hurricane Rita, our local CBS station had 24 hour Hurricane coverage and I missed Survivor. Big props to my Mom, as she taped it for me in Indiana, and sent to tape out to me. So here are my thoughts, as I got the tape in the mail today.

Big props to mom for making the VCR for us. Although I am very worried that we are going to miss the last 5 minutes.

Gary’s whole “I’m not telling them I was an NFL Quarterback” is going to get old, if all he ever talks about is how he is pulling a fast one on everyone. Marti believes that it is going to come back and bite him. Right now, I would have to say that I wouldn’t bet against her. (I wrote this before we learned that the Sports Radio Host on the other tribe called him out. Seriously, how could I have missed that? Also, such a great move by Survivor. I’m surprised that there isn’t someone who is there to tell all the Magic secrets that the Magicians Assistant knows! And for the record, Gary lying is an AWFUL idea. It is only a matter of time till Probst calls him on it at the WORST possible time. He might as well decide to take Bowie of Jordan in the 84 NBA Draft.

Poor, Margaret. She can’t even get away from her job in Survivor, she is stuck taking care of all the sick people in her tribe. Maybe she should have said her occupation was a Magicians Assistant. Speaking off, that would be a fun wrinkle for next season, everyone lies about their job. This season we have a pimp, cowboy, astronaut, rapper and superhero.

Does Probst dress like this is real life? Does he walk around the mall in the fishing shirt, seashell necklace and safari hat? I can’t wait for 15 years for now, when I have a 6 year old at my door on Halloween in his Jeff Probst costume. The only question is will he get there by parachute, jet-ski, motocycle or deep sea diving bell.

And while we’re on hats, Probst’s hats are starting to get pretty crazy. I’m worried that we are only a few episodes away from a Fedora or Derby hat.

Like Marti said, “Rafe, it’s a ladder! It’s not the HARD part of the course”

One minute Blake can’t stand up or breathe, then all of a sudden he is unstoppable in the challenge? Looks like someone is dogging it and ready to play for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

They are spending a lot of time on Brandon (The guy playing the Redneck Farmer role this season). I’m calling it now, he is going to go far in the game or be part of a big story line. Get your bets in now before the odds go down!

I know that it was first said by The Sports Guy, but I can’t get over how bad Stephanie’s eyebrows are. Could she have gotten a worse wax job? I can’t look at her seriously anymore with thinking that she is REALLY EXCITED TO SEE ME!! Although it was nice to see that she was REALLY EXCITED about her vote for tribal council!

Judd just got the official “I like him”, then turn to Marti and ask, “What is his name again?” This is the first step to Judd being one of my favorites of this season. Keep it up Judd.

SOOOOOO nice to see the return of the “Crazy Bobby John face” so early in the season. Like Fred Taylor ripping his groin or Grant Hill tearing his ACL, it’s something you can set your watch to.

Was the immunity challenge thought up as a way for the CBS production to see more of the girls ass cracks? Is strip jungle Twister up for sweeps week?

In tribal council when the camera was on Morgan, Marti said, “She looks like a poodle”. I had to disagree, and said she looked like a human bobble-head. Marti won the argument, because she continued to make dog noises every time Morgan was on screen. And when Morgan got voted off, Marti got the quote of the week, when she yelled, “Way to go Fishmonger!”

Also, props out to Mom, as the tape shut off right before the preview for next week’s show. But since that is tomorrow, I am happy that we go the whole show. Buckeye for Mom!

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