Thursday, October 27, 2005

Day 257

I found 2 dimes and 1 nickel in the corner of a hallway at work. They were very close together, so I believe that somebody had a hole in their pocket.

Have you seen the ads for the new Volkswagon Passat with an air-conditioned glove compartment? The WHOLE ad is based around this feature, as some guys need a place to put their sushi while driving in the middle of the desert (You can view the ad here, just click on the picture of the sushi chef). Is there anyone in the world who really needs this feature? Or bought a new car and thought it was almost perfect, but just needed an air-conditioned glove compartment. Are people really worried about their insurance information or maps getting to hot? It is one of those features that just seems so useless, and I can't believe that Volkswagon centered an ENTIRE ad around it. Why not just go all the way and design the car that Homer came up with on The Simpsons complete with shag carpeting, tons of cup holders, 3 horns that all play "La Cucaracha" and a bubble dome! Now THAT would be a fun ad to watch!

Total for the Day - $0.25
Total for the Race - $71.32


BeckEye said...

If I went on a date with a guy and got in his car and he said, "hey baby, check out my air conditioned glove compartment" I would just get out.

Bailey said...

I would have to agree. That would be a lame move and worthy of walking out on.
Although, it would almost be worth it, if he had sushi in the glove box!