Friday, October 28, 2005

Day 258

I found 1 penny at the Shell station while I got some gas after work. I also found 1 penny under the counter at KFC while I was picking dinner.

Total for the Day - $0.02
Total for the Race - $71.34

Survivor Update

I’m not saying that Dani is thin, but even Paris Hilton thinks she needs to pack on some pounds.

The reward challenge was different and a cool idea, it just put some of the guys in………uncomfortable situations. Did you ever think that while he was playing for the Cowboys, Gary thought that he would be stuck to another guys butt with an elastic band on national TV. And yes, this is where you can insert your favorite “Under Center” joke.

One of my favorite moments each week is when one tribe loses the reward challenge and Jeff says, “I got nothing for ya, head back to camp”. So straight forward. Wouldn’t it be great to see Bud Selig do this on TV after the World Series? Just standing in the Astros dugout and telling the team he has nothing for them, and to hit the showers?

Making a deck of cards out of leafs is a great idea. Seems so logical, yet I had never thought about it. Then again, I also haven’t spent countless hours just sitting around on the beach. Who knows, with all that time I might fashion a roulette wheel out of a monkey skull.

Interesting to see how much hatred Jamie had for the other tribe during the birthday party. Reminds me of that old psychology experiment where people with brown eyes are segregated from people with blue eyes. Over time, they really begin to hate each other because of the color of their eyes. I think that this is what is happening to Jamie. He needs to think of more ways to freak out on Bobby Jon, and keep his mind of his tribe hatred.

If Jim Rome watched Survivor (Which he does not, because he hates reality TV), his comment on Bobby Jon this week would be;
Bobby FREAKING Jon. How classic is this guy? Trying to catch fish in his mouth while in the water. Totally epic. Survivor needs more guys like Bobby FREAKING Jon. He is just a total straight shooter and a good jungle guy, just like Elkington and Grace. Jungle Karma is on his side. (Paper Rustle sound)
Dear Rome,
Your take on Bobby Jon is freaking hilarious. Give yourself a tongue. I just spit Mountain Dew and Cheetos all over my laptop screen. Epic.
War Probst

On a non-Survivor note, I wasn’t quite sure about the new E-Bay ad campaign IT. But after seeing some of the commercials, I am into it. Wow, two days in a row with a commercial review!

I really like Bobby Jon. He screams, tries to eat fish straight from the river, plays hard, might be mentally unstable and always makes every episode interesting because you never know if he will hit or kill someone. All that being said, I really didn’t like his comment this week about how he would just be happy to make it to the Jury. This is a growing trend on Survivor that I don’t like. People are quitting because it is to hard. People are wanting to get voted off for various reasons. Last season Janu felt happy just to make the jury and once she made the final nine, she laid down her torch.
These people are taking over my show, and I do not approve because it hurts the show. It makes the last 20 minutes anti-climatic when you KNOW that somebody is trying to get voted off, or is just going to quit when they get to tribal.
Basically, people are happy to make the jury, because they get face-time on CBS for the full run of the show. So what Bobby Jon was saying was that he will be happy if he can get run for the whole show, so it might raise his profile and he can go mainstream.
This needs to stop before Survivor turns into a Reality TV Audition Show.
Let’s hope that CBS Executives are into the Change Race.


Chris said...

Props on the Survivor update. I still don't watch the show, but the review was epic. I might have to bang the monkey to get Survivor updates daily. War "Black Mold" paying me, War Leo rocking Baltimore, War Eagle! OUT.

Liza said...

Another good Survivor update.

Brian and I think that Jamie looks like Kevin Federline.

Not only is Danni scarily skinny, but she needs to lose that ridonculous hat.

Bailey said...

So true on Danni (Or Skelator, as I call her) and her hat. Marti and I were talking about it and how it needs to go.