Sunday, November 06, 2005

Day 267

While out with Marti running some errands, I found 1 dime under the counter at Office Depot.

After dinner, while on a run to the post office, I stopped off at JR’s Car Wash and found 2 dimes, 1 nickel and 8 pennies. I also found 1 penny AT the post office, next to a very large spider.

Total for the Day - $0.44
Total for the Race - $73.07

Survivor Update

Sorry that I am so late on this. I must give credit to Chris, who doesn’t know how to record on his VCR but did use his emergency phone tree and called a bunch of people trying to get Survivor taped for me, while I was having a Defcon 1 Cable meltdown at the Apartment. Thankfully the cable was turned back on in time for Survivor.

When they left tribal council and just had the merge that night, Steph’s comment was, “They just came to our camp, so I guess this is the merge? My head is spinning!!”
Um…..why is your head spinning? You have done this once already. And I’m sure that CBS executives are slipping you information on what the future challenges are going to be. So why exactly again is your head spinning?

When they were picking a tribe name, since Dani knows that Gary was a quarterback for the Cowboys, she should have suggested the new tribe name of Cowboys just to watch Gary squirm. But no, she just sat there with that AWFUL hat on.

Quote of the season, “Am I a member of the Axis of Evil?” – Raef

Raef is one of the few smart players who isn’t comfortable being in the position of power. He is in a good spot right now.

I love that after Jamie and Bobby Jon went off during Tribal, Probst just nodded his head and moved on. Probst is really throwing in the high 90’s this season.

I continue to HATE the Fishmonger. For no particular reason, just tired of her.

We are headed for a Real World style jury. With Stephanie, Judd, Jamie and Bobby Jon there could be some serious freak-outs. And there is always the possibility that Gary is outed as an NFL Quarterback. I’m just worried that it isn’t going to live up to the possibilities.

As for the vote, I was SURE that it was going to be a tie vote. I looked at the shot clock (The VCR clock) right before Probst read the last the last vote and it was 7:52. I thought that it was to early to end the show. How wrong I was!

Now that we are past the merge, it is time to start making predictions. I think that Jamie is close to being voted off, but I also don’t think that the alliance is ready to break JUST yet. I think Bobby Jon will be the next to go, which will make him happy because he will be on the Jury, and will make me happy, because I can wait for the final episode and the Bobby Jon Face during the final Jury questions.

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melissa said...

ya tt quote "Am I a member of the axis of evil" totally killed farmer left and it's kinda's got some issues goin fer him..but he def added lotsa spice ta sizzle survivor again!