Monday, November 07, 2005

Day 268

This morning I found 1 penny in front of Blockbuster while dropping off some movies.

Then while walking into work, I found a dime.

I'm happy that the change seems to be finding me, because the last few days, I really haven't been out looking that hard for change.

Last night I came to a very sad realization, I laughed quite a bit more during Family Guy than I did during Simpsons. I know that Chris isn't a big fan of Family Guy, and I wasn't either, until a few months ago. Marti started to watch it, and after a few episodes, I was hooked. It seems that Family Guy pushes the envelope a bit more and The Simpsons (I hate to say this) become a bit stale. I think that Family Guy turned the corner when it came back from the dead and stopped trying to be a show about Stewie. Much like how The Simpsons entered their golden age after they stopped trying to be a show about Bart.

But for me, last night felt like a passing of the torch. It is a bit sad, because besides Seinfeld, The Simpsons has been one of my favorite shows on TV. I'm sure that they will continue to make good episodes, but I'm afraid that the epic run might be over for them, and it looks like Family Guy is ready to take their place.

And while we are talking TV, Curb your Enthusiasm is another show that is moving up the draft board. On Saturday, I must say, I was VERY disappointed with the new comedy special by George Carlin, and it pains me to say this, as he has been one of my favorite comedians for years. But on Saturday he seemed to rant more and make less jokes, and many times he would stumble on his thoughts. Might be another end to a great era!

Total for the Day - $0.11
Total for the Race - $73.18


Chris said...

We have had this conversation before, but in my opinion The Simpsons is a thinking mans cartoon, while Family Guy just relys on fart jokes and bathroom humor (not that this is a bad thing, but it isn't a cartoon that can make you laugh AND have to think to get the subtile humor). Just my thoughts.

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Tex said...

I'd think Futurama would be more of a thinking mans cartoon. They have all sorts of references to shows and books . Simpsons Halloween XVI really sucked and they seem to have peaked out at XI. Gotta go, TJ Hooker is being interviewed about his dating green women on a Tek War delusion.

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Bailey said...

I think that Family Guy USED to rely on Fart jokes before they were cancelled, back when it was a show about Stewie.

Since they have come back, they are much more like how the Simpsons used to be, a thinking cartoon. Last night's episode was a jab at the FCC.

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