Saturday, November 19, 2005

Day 280

I found 1 dime while walking out of Walgreen’s where I was buying some candy for the flight to Vegas.

When I got to Vegas, I found 1 penny on the floor at the New York, New York. I found 1 penny on the sidewalk on the strip. And finally, I found a nickel on the floor at the sports book at the MGM Grand.

Total for the Day - $0.17
Total for the Race - $76.47

Survivor Update

The immunity challenge was one of those challenges which I know that I would really SUCK at, but I would love to try. That is one of the reasons that I would love to be on Survivor, to get to try those challenges.

I really think that this was the episode where a mistake in strategy was made. Fishmonger, Zookeeper, Steph and Raef all got together to turn and vote out Jamie. Here is why I believe that this was a huge mistake in strategy.

I understand that Jamie was getting on their nerves, but he was not a threat to flip on the alliance. He wasn’t about to make a deal with Gary or Danni. So while he was annoying and going completely stir crazy, no one should have worried that he was going to go against the alliance. Here is the order those four should have gone with

Gary – The next to go, and he isn’t a bitter jury member, because he was just a victim of numbers.
Danni – Same as Gary, casualty of the numbers game.
Jamie – Now is when you clip off Jamie, and it is an EASY vote, because he is annoying everyone, so he can’t flip the numbers on you.
Judd – At this point, you can easily throw some lies at Judd, because he is a loyal guy. He will stick with his alliances, and thus be easy to clip.

There you go. This gets Fishmonger, Zookeeper, Steph and Raef to the final four, and with only Jamie and Judd pissed and feeling betrayed.

But instead, you now have Jamie on the jury, and he is bent at EVERYONE in his tribe. Gary and Danni now have hope of going further, so if/when they get voted off, they will be much more pissed, because it is no longer a numbers game. They will have to be a victim of a backstabbing. And Judd is very pissed, because his loyalty was broken.

It was a situation where they four are getting to cute, and think that they can do a “annoyed vote” since they are in such control of the game. I personally think that this is always more arrogant than what Jamie did a few weeks ago. And in the end, it always seems to backfire on Survivor. And if that means that the Fishmonger is gone, then I am happy it happened.

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