Thursday, November 24, 2005

Day 285

I wasn't planning on doing any change searching today, but after a full day of eating and just laying around the couch, I was restless at around 10:30 pm. I had to run up north, since Chris had come by in the afternoon to get a plate of Marti's turkey, and had given his thanks by hitting all the surrounding drive-thru's.

Speaking of Marti's turkey, check out her work. A totally homemade Thanksgiving dinner! And I must say that the turkey was excellent. Well done Marti, all kudos go to you, since all I did today was watch football, eat and find change.

I went to JR's Car Wash, McDonald's, Sonic, Taco Cabanna and Long John Silver's and found 3 dimes, 1 nickel and 14 pennies.

Then came the motherload at Chick-Fil-A. 4 dimes, 3 nickels and 13 pennies. Quarter shy of the cycle.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Total for the Day - $1.17
Total for the Race - $78.58

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beth said...

Happy thanksgiving!!!! :)