Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Day 284

While at Blockbuster getting some videos for the turkey weekend (They now have Tales from the Crypt on DVD), I found 1 quarter in the new release section and 1 penny near the counter. At Target, I found 1 dime, then while taking out the trash, I found 2 pennies in the parking lot.

Thanks to a few days in Vegas of drinking and not sleeping, I slept about 14 hours last night. Now I can't get to sleep. I see this trend ending badly on Sunday night before I have to go back to work.

Either way, I am sitting here listening to Nirvana on my Ipod, which isn't helping me sleep, but is putting some thoughts into my head.

1) I just don't really buy into the "Kurt Cobain was a musical genius" theory. Yes, his music help to launch the grunge sound, but it wasn't like Nirvana was the only grunge band in Seattle, they were just the first to hit it big. And while the music is catchy, the key to my argument are the lyrics! A chorus of "Hello, Hello, Hello" does not a musical genius make.

2) The fact that MTV once put the Smells Like Teen Spirit video above of Thriller on one of their count-downs will never be forgiven. It is like saying that Steve Nash is the best white NBA player in history, because you are tired of giving the award to Larry Bird, and need to update it to bring in the kids.

3) You know how some songs ALWAYS bring back the same memories? Well Smells Like Teen Spirit always reminds me of a school trip in middle school. Oddly enough, I Can't Dance by Genesis brings back the same memories. Either way, during this trip I was given my nickname, which is still used by my friends from High School.......Skippy. At the time, I had the big round glasses and looked much like the character from Family Ties. The nickname was given to me by Andrea, a girl that I wasn't to found of, but had a huge rack for an 8th grader.

I later dated her during my Freshman year in High School, and during an ill-fated attempt to sneak her into my house one night, I had to break a window to get us into the house after I accidentally locked myself OUT of the house. You can read between the lines to figure out what happened next, but I now have a scar on my arm, and Marti calls it my BJ Story Scar. So Andrea gave me my High School nickname and one of my best High School stories.


Andrea and I had a bad break up, after I called her a cow or something, and she hated me for the rest of High School. Our Senior year, I was Prom King and since she was editor of the yearbook, you will only find a picture of the Prom Queen on the pages for the Prom. Later in College, I was on a date with a lifeguard and getting comfortable in her apartment, when I was surprised to hear the door knock and see Andrea there to pick up the lifeguard's roommate. Well, Andrea did a great job of telling the scar story and going on and on about what a jerk I was. Needless to say, no more mouth-to-mouth was given from the lifeguard.

Last I heard, Andrea had come out of the closet and had announced that she was a lesbian and was dating a girl. Hopefully the same fate isn’t in the cards for Marti!

Total for the Day - $0.38
Total for the Race - $77.41

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Chris said...

I'll admit, that blog brought a lot to the table. I can't believe I have never noticed the scar.