Sunday, November 27, 2005

Day 288

I found 1 penny on the bottom of an empty shelf at Office Depot.

Total for the Day - $0.01
Total for the Race - $80.69

Survivor Update

I have to be totally honest, with Thanksgiving going on I have totally forgotten much of what happened in the last episode. Marti and I were just stuffed and chilling on the couch when we watched in on Thanksgiving night, and I forgot all the thoughts that I had during the show.

I do think that Gary and his group made a mistake by not trying to work on Judd. He was pissed about the whole Jamie thing, and he might have been ripe for a switch. But instead, they went for the Fishmonger, and Gary got clipped. Although, I did enjoy him getting Judd to say that he never lied, then snaring the trap and telling everyone about how Judd lied about where the hidden idol was. Classic. I have high hopes for Gary in the final episode asking his Jury questions.

I thought it was very interested when the comment was made that people were star-struck toward Stephanie, and people could get her autograph after the show and should just play Survivor now. Jamie and Bobby Jon were CRACKING up in the jury. Leads me to believe that this is running joke between the Survivors and CBS is leaving it on the cutting room floor, in efforts to keep Stephanie's image sweet. There is much more to this, and sadly, CBS is not going to let us see it!

My pick for next off, the Fishmonger. I think that the "Power 4" will want to clip her, because she is trying to flip things. They will leave Danni to flip in the wind for 1 more week.

I really hope I am right and the Fishmonger era is over.

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Brian said...

So long, Gary Harken. I don't know if it was possible to work on Judd, considering all the animosity.

I'd be surprised if Lydia gets the boot, if only because she's little threat to win any phsical challenge, and some might see a small sliver of ability left in Danni.

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