Thursday, December 08, 2005

Day 299

During my lunch break I ran out to the Dollar Tree store to pick up a few cheap items. In the parking lot I found a platic play quarter.

I know that I have found plastic coins like this before (And I know that Chris has found the plastic change cycle throughout the course of the race). I am pretty sure that I found a plastic penny this summer, but I am not about to go re-read all my posts for mention of it here. But I will offer the readers this. If you are the first to find and comment with a link to an old post where I mention finding plastic change, I will send you this quarter as the prize. Unlike Chris, I do not usually keep non-change items so if a winner is not crowned by this weekend, then the quarter goes into my "Not Change Cup"........ the trash can.

While at Dollar Tree I found 3 real pennies. 1 under a battery display, 1 near the check-out counter and 1 near the exit door.

Total for the Day - $0.03
Total for the Race - $83.76

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