Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Day 304

On my way to work this morning, I was stopped at a stoplight. It is actually the second to last stoplight that I hit before I get to work. While the light was still red, I spotted some silver about 6 feet into the intersection, so I nudged my truck about 3 feet into the intersection and threw it into Park. It was at this moment that I noticed the light turn green. Luckly, there was no one waiting behind me, so I ran out, got my dime, got into my truck and drove off without ever disrupting traffic. While the dime is older than me (Minted in 1976), judging by the scratches, it hasn't been out on the street very long.

Total for the Day - $0.10
Total for the Race - $84.30

Final Survivor Update

While the final episode was enjoyable, I did not get freak out by the jury that I was expecting, although Judd did try his best.

Always love the segment where they view all the old Survivors, and this season there is the nice touch of them BURNING picture of them. I love when Marti and I have the, "I totally forget they were on the show" face during the a few of the people.

Before the episode started, Marti and I made a bet on who we thought would win. She picked Danni and I picked Raef. Since we have combined our bank accounts, it's kinda silly to bet $$, so the loser had to take out ALL the trash. Let's just say I was not happy with what Raef did, but more on that later.

It was bittersweet to watch the Fishmonger (I refuse to mention her name) get voted off. On one hand it was great to watch her get voted off, but since it happend in the last episode I had to deal with her ALL season. I hope that next season they bring her back and vote her off in the FIRST episode. That would be enjoyable!

Now, onto Raef. (Sounds like something you would hear at Chip & Dale's) WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?? Last season, Ian didn't want any hurt feelings, so he gave up after the last challenge, now Raef sees Steph crying, so he gives up his alliance with Danni. Are these people forget that they were on Survivor and suddendly think they were on The View? Not only does it make for a bad finale, but because of his "lavendar moment" I had to take out the trash. Ugh.

Since when did they stop giving us the jury's comments when they made their final vote. That used to be when some real venom was spit out. But now we get none of that. We also got very little of the "Probst travling with the votes" montage. I was betting on a limo while Marti thought that he would rapel down the building.

Speaking of Probst, I get a very scary feeling in my gut that he is Survivored out. While the show is still great, I think it might only have 1-2 more years left in it, before CBS goes in a different direction. But what if Probst leaves (Which I'm getting nervous about)? Would you still watch the show? I'm not sure I have an answer for that question yet.

Well, Marti was excited for the promo for the new Survivor - Panama Exile Island. Personally I think it would be cool if all the people who got voted off had to live there for the remainder of the season. Since they wouldn't be living it up on CBS, they would be less likely to want to get voted off (One of the disturbing trends in the past few seasons). Plus jury members would be stuck there also, and they could have tons of time to stay pissed about why they were voted off.....it would make for such a better finale.

Well, that's a wrap. And while I love the last few episodes of Survivor, because you really know the people and you get some great stragety, I always hate the start of a new season, because you it takes about 2-4 episodes to break in the new cast. So we will start up the Survivor updates next season! Until then, it's all change, all the time!


Brian said...

Liza and I want to see a Survivor set in a cold region. Now that would be a twist.

I don't mind that Danni won. I thought she played the auction beautifully and for that alone she deserves it. I'll never understand why no one even made another bid on the jerky. And she also got two other items, including the key, as Probst noted, to her victory. What was everyone else saving their money for? Smart bidding by her...

Hindsight tells me, though, that this wasn't a great season. But it was still good TV and I'll take it.

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Bailey said...

I have been saying for years that a Cold Region would be great. Igoos and such.

As for Danni, the Sports Guy wrote it much better, but I do not believe that she knew who Gary was. She was fed that information by the Producers, and her explaintion during the reunion was a total joke!

Brian said...

Man, that's some cynical stuff. I try to take that view all the time, but I never can.

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