Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Day 305

I found a $5 bill in the corner of a hallway at work today, but since I am not going to count paper money until AFTER I have hit $100 in change, it does NOT count toward the days totals. But it will go into my "Not Change Holder" I have in my back pocket, also called my wallet.

Back when I hit Day 200, I did a break-down of what I needed to get to hit $100 before Day 365. I meant to do this for Day 300, but I am running a bit behind, so we get the break-down on Day 305.

First 100 Days
Found $24.63 / $0.25 Daily Average

Second 100 Days
Found $22.47 / $0.22 Daily Average

Third 100 Days
Found 36.67 / $0.37 Daily Average

After 300 Days I have found $83.77 and my daily average is $0.28. With only 65 days left to go, I have $16.23 left to find. To accomplish this, I need a daily average of $0.25 in my last 65 days. If I am able to continue with my $0.28 daily average, I should break the $100 mark in 58 days or on 2.6.06. If I am able to keep up $0.37 daily average that I have had latley, I will break the mark in 44 days!

I think that I will be able to break $100 in 365 days, although Marti and I will be traveling home for the holidays, and you never know about change findings during family trips. But if all goes according to plan, I should break the mark in late January or early February.

Total for the Day - $0.00
Total for the Race - $84.30

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