Friday, January 27, 2006

Day 349

My Dad is in town to visit this weekend, so that is why my blog is a bit late today.

I found 1 dime at Wendy's while picking up dinner. I also found 1 nickel in the grass outside our living room patio. It must have been dropped by our new upstairs neighbors. While it doesn't quite make up for all the noise they provide on our ceiling, I will accept the nickel.

Total for the Day - $0.15
Total for the Race - $97.71


Chris said...

I'm not sure about counting the nickel. You found it on your patio. You might have dropped it. Hell, I could find a $100 bill under my bed tomorrow and say that the wind must have blown it in. Say, that's not a bad idea.

second attempt: pplndcgo

Bailey said...

You need to re-read the blog. I clearly stated that the nickel was in the grass OUTSIDE our patio. So it came from up above, not from us!