Friday, February 03, 2006

Day 356

At work today, I found 2 pennies in the corner of a hallway.

At JR's Car Wash I found 1 dime and 2 pennies.

In the CoinStar machine at Kroger I found 10 cent Peso piece, a Chucky Cheese token and an Andrew Johnson coin from the Shell's Mr. President Coin Game. I have never heard of this game, but it looks like it was a promotion back in the 60's. Some of the coins are listed on E-Bay.

Total for the Day - $0.14
Total for the Race - $100.47

Survivor Update

Once again, I will be providing a Survivor Update each and every Friday. Although it may no longer be cool, Marti and I still love Survivor, and we haven't missed an episode since Season 1! I did some Googleing, but couldn't find a picture of just the Survivor Logo, so this CBS screen shot will have to do for now.

As you know, I'm never a big fan of the first few episodes of a new season. Always to many new people, and it takes some time to get to know them. Maybe it was the smaller tribes, but I didn't get tha feeling this time. I really enjoyed this first episode, and I must say that Marti is really pumped for this new season.

I really like the idea of the Exisle Island and really like the twist with the hidden immunity idol, how you can use it AFTER you know you are voted off. Survivor once again did a great job of twisting the game up so it is fresh, but not making so many changes that this show becomes Paradise Hotel or some other crappy reality show.

When Jeff was left with Danielle on Exisle Island, you just KNEW that he was going to say something great. And once again he didn't dissapoint. "You have some time to think about why you were left behind. Oh and as for the clue, I just gave it to you!" Classic. I'm so ready for the next reward challenge when he tells the losing tribe, "I got nothing for ya!", one of my favorite moments each week.

Going on Survivor AND trying to quit smoking? Is Shane an idoit? I figure that Survivor is hard enough on it's own, as is quitting smoking. Why combine the two? Did you think it was going to turn out?

How about the range of professions this year? Astronaut, Lumber Jill, F-15 Pilot, Singer, Author and Performance Artist? A very artsy group as evidenced by the fact that one of them got all sad about a dead sea turtle. And while we are talking about the new Survivors, Marti already has a crush on Austin. In her words, "He's honest, hot and an Author. What else do I need!" As for me, my new crush would have to be Danielle. In my words, "Honey, she's hot. And look at those tits!"

The old lady tribe was pretty stupid for voting off Tina. Although I did enjoy Cirie continue to call her "That Lumberjack Lady". Either call her a Lumber Jack or Lumber Jill. Personally I couldn't say Lumber Jill with a straight face, so you know where I stand. Either way, I hope they enjoy hanging with Cirie, who is afriad of leaves? Yea, that's going to end well!!


Rocky said...

Interesting that you find other conutry's money as well as tokens, etc. It's amazing how much loose change is out there for the taking. Your running total is a real eye-opener.

P.S. - Ever found a wooden nickel?

Bailey said...

Rocky - To be fair, most of the forgien money that I find is from Mexico, which is close to Houston.

I have never found a wooden nickel, but I have found some plastic change, used in children's play sets.