Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Day 360

At Wendy's this morning I found 1 dime & 1 penny. Then at work I found a very shiny penny near a vending machine. It was so bright that it was asking to be found.

Book Review

I've been busy with work and travel the past few months, so I have been neglecting my book reviews. Sorry.

Last week I finished Loose Balls by Terry Pluto, although I'm not sure if Pluto should be able to put his name on the front of the book and keep a straight face. I say that because it was a collection of OTHER people's comments on the ABA. And while it was interesting, it was tough to get into it, because about every 2-3 paragraphs the person telling the story changed. It read more like a play than a book.

I am now reading a real upbeat tale, The Great Influenza by John Barry. It tells the story of the Influenza epidemic that spread across the US and the world in 1918. It killed over 20 Million people, and I find it interesting that such a big event, is relatively forgotten in less than 100 years. I am a few chapters in, and so far Barry has given me a history of medicine up to 1918. And while it is interesting, it is not quite what I signed up. We'll see if it picks up once the Influenza hits! (That sounds terrible!)

Total for the Day - $0.12
Total for the Race - $100.96

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