Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Day 361

This afternoon I found 1 penny at JR's Car Wash and 2 pennies at the local gas station (One in the parking lot and one under the counter).

Today was an exciting day, as Chris came over and we finished rolling the $100 in change.

Here you can see all $100 rolled and ready to go. There was about $5 that wasn't rolled because there weren't enough coins to fill a roll, and those are the coins you see in the bin.

In the truck, entering the bank drive-thru.

You can see 2 pictures of the jumbo sized chute which took my $100 in change to the bank. It actually took 2 trips to send all the money to the bank.

Here is a picture of Sarah, the teller that helped us. She didn't seem too happy to be dealing with $100 in change. After the first load, she asked to verify my account number. In the second load, I also included the loose change. She wasn't aware, and said, "It will take me a moment, one of your rolls exploded in transit." Then she said, "Next time, please put all your loose change in a baggie." Needless to say, Sarah wasn't to happy to count up all the change, and even though I offered to tell her why I was doing this, she didn't care to hear the story. But when she was done, she said that I had given her $100.05, so she sent back a nickel. This honestly COULD be counted as lost change, since Chris and I counted this SIX TIMES and it was $100 on the dot.

SUCCESS!!!! Chris holding the $100 Bill in front of the bank. He actually mentioned that there was to much sun for this picture to turn out good. Personally I think this picture turned out GREAT! I like the sun the upper left and the way that half the bill is shaded, but you can see the watermark in the bottom right. Ahamed.......thoughts?

Some various pictures of the $100 bill.

Now comes the fun part. As loyal readers know, my plan always was to take this $100 Bill and buy 100 scratch-off lottery tickets. Well today, Chris and I went to the gas station across the street from my apartment and bought 100 scratch-off lottery tickets and then Chris, Marti and myself scratched them all off. BUT, before I give you all the details and photos, I would like to give you some time to make your predictions. How much money do you think I will win? Out of 100 tickets, how many tickets will be winners?

Get your picks in now, and I will have a lottery ticket recap on Sunday.

Total for the Day - $0.03
Total for the Race - $100.99


Chris said...


password: dnqnvhgy

Penny Squisher said...


I just found your blog last week (and the other 2 change collectors) and have been reading the new posts and some of the old posts. This is interesting. I am going to try it but it will take me a lot longer to get $100 than you guys.

As for the lottery tickets, I would estimate 22 of them will be winners and your money total will be $55.00 (unless you get really lucky!)


Ahamed Iqbal said...

Wow big post.

I think that photo turned out well for an impromptu shot in the car, the light does work well on the watermark.

I'm going to guess that 16 tickets were winners and that you made $145 (total gain of $45).

Nice work.

I Love Lance-A-Lot said...

Did you buy 100 of the same scratch off or lots of different scratch offs? Your odds are better if you buy the same one.

password: wkufsj

bored said...

state lotteries stink...i'm guessing you only got $60 from your original $100 :P

beth said...

love the watermark shot:)

i bet you get 2 dollars. i want my 2 dollars two doooollars.. ok i really guess you'll get like 20 -40 if your lucky. but who knows..

if you won big what are you going to get then???

password smxhdci

Brian said...

Solid post, Bailey... I went to comment last night, but blogger sent my message into the abyss as it closed its system for maintenance.

I think the five extra cents was probably left in the coin sorter that the banker no doubt used to count your unrolled changed. That happened to me once.

Here are my lottery guesses:
- Total winnings: $64 (for a $36 dollar net loss)
- Total winning tickets: 30

password: shmbb

Bailey said...

Thanks for all the comments. Sunday is day 365 of the race, so it is a good time to do my lottery ticket recap. Winner will get my next non-change find of note.

Brian - That would be an interesting if the nickel was left in the bank's coin sorter. Would that make it found change for me??

Brian said...

I don't believe I did (July 15, 2005, post makes no mention of it, and I think that's when Noah and I went to the bank with some coins), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

Hindsight now tells me that maybe I should have done it, but I suppose the uncertainty of whether the coin was actually found or the result of a miscalculation on your part might create some undue doubt.

Ultimately, I'd say to go for it.

password: hbzdxy

Anonymous said...

I say you win $34 and 8 free tickets which will win $2 bringing your total to $36.

I would have bought 100 Powerball tickets for the $250,000,000 drawing this Saturday Night, then you would have a great story to tell fo how you found 250mill picking up change.

Anonymous said...

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