Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 365

Happy 1 Year Birthday to the Change Race!!

On the way home from poker last night (Which I won, $135!) we stopped at Starbucks where I found 1 quarter, 3 dimes, 2 nickels and 11 pennies. At Taco Bell, we stopped to pick up some late night munchies and 2 quarters. Then while taking the garbage out this afternoon, I found a penny in the grass behind the dumpster.


Last Wednesday, I bought 100 lottery tickets with my $100 in found change. Marti, Chris and myself had a fun time scratching off the tickets, even though it went by MUCH faster than expected.

Here is the Valero Gas Station across the street from my apartment, where I bought the 100 lottery tickets.

I wanted to take a few more pictures while I was buying the tickets, but there was quite a line at the gas station, and they didn't seem to be amused by the time it took the guy to count out 100 tickets. I'm assuming they are not readers of the Change Race! I was also expecting a bit more of a reaction by the guy behind the counter, but it seemed like a normal transaction for him......maybe a sad commentery on society.

Here was the first winning ticket that I scratched. A $1.00 instant winner.

Here is a picture of Chris and Marti scraching off their tickets (Chris on the left, Marti on the right, in mid-scratch).

Now on to the results. Out of 100 tickets, there were 22 winning tickets for a total amount of $79. Chris helped this by scratching off a $40 winner. There was also a $10 winner (Which I scratched off), a $4 winner and the rest were $2 and $1 winners.

So the winner of the contest is Penny Squisher and Brian! Penny Squisher correctly guessed the number of winning tickets at 22!! Brian guessed the closest dollar amount at $64. You are each entitled to my next non-change find if you want. Let me know!

Total for the Day - $1.27 - Change Cycle
Total for the Race - $102.91


Brian said...

Congratulations! The fun surely was worth the small negative hit. I very nearly guessed 22 winners, but I decided to go with my newly minted age! I can't wait until you hit the next $100...

password: lsfnmybr

Liza said...

Very cool! I appreciate the photos. It made me feel like I was there.....

Brian and I did something similar awhile back and had similar results. Overall, we ended in the hole, but it sure was fun scratching it all off. I think we bought 50 $2 tickets though, so the scratching must have went very quickly.

Password: vxfledq

lpkitten said...

fun! it sure beats buying lottery tickets with money you "earned". it might be interesting too if you took the $100 and invested it and tracked the amount of money earned or lost on your investment, but you know, thats the money nerd in me.

btw, i found a quarter today and of course I thought of you! :)

Penny Squisher said...

I can't believe I guessed the exact number of winners. I figured you usually seem to get 1 in 5 as winners on $1 scratch tickets. If you happen across a squished penny you could send me that.

Maybe for your next $100 in change you should try buying a different denomination of tickets and see if you get better monetary results. Here in Washington State I feel like I'm more likely to get better winners from $5 tickets. I assume that the Texas Lottery would be similar.

password : mfzqhnbg