Friday, February 24, 2006

Day 377

I found 1 penny this morning at Wendy's and I was happy that I did. I have some thoughts to blog about, along with my Survivor Update, and I wanted to make a find before work, so I could write up my whole blog at work (On my lunch break, of course!).

After work, Chris and I ended up meeting up for dinner and some duel change searching. We went to Sonic & Chick-Fil-A and I found 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 1 nickel and 11 pennies.

So yesterday Marti got an invitation in the mail for a free seminar on how to sell real estate. Check out the tickets that we received.

Just by looking at the ticket you would assume that Donald Trump is going to be speaking at this event. His name is in the middle of the ticket, in bold print! But when you read the fine print at the bottom of the ticket you notice....

"While Mr. Trump appears at some of our conferences, he will not appear at this event". That cracks me up. Sometimes reading the fine print can be a fun time. But this really begs the question, how many people are going to go to this conference EXPECTING Trump to be there! I would be about half, if not more. Which is a sad commentary on the intelligence of the average American.

But this offer got me thinking about just going to the seminar, just to get the Trump book, which is free. I can easily say no about 300 times, and walk out with a free book, which I would then sell on E-Bay.

This leads me to a goal of mine. I have always wanted to go on one of those "free" cruises, where you have to attend a bunch of meetings about buying real estate. I figure that I could say no, because I have no interest in buying real estate in the Florida swamp land, and get a free cruise out of the deal. But you have to figure that many people try to do the same thing, and these companies aren't in the business of giving away free cruises. So my question to you is, have you ever tried this? Or know anyone who has? I would be interested to hear about it.

Total for the Day - $0.62 - Change Cycle
Total for the Race - $107.52

Survivor Update

It is about time that someone puts a picture of the new season's logo online. I am tired of using this picture and my Google image searches come up with nothing! I'm surely not going to cut it out myself on Photoshop, so people, PLEASE help out the Change Race! If I don't get a picture by next week, then I will have to use a picture of Danielle as my Survivor logo for this season. So consider the gauntlet thrown down!

In my mind, this was a very forgettable episode. Maybe it was because Marti and I were ready to watch the figure skating finals. Or maybe it was because we were taping American Idol at the same time, and watched that right afterwards (I know, American Idol! What can I say, I watched the first few episodes for the bad singers and got hooked!). Either way, I just don't remember much from the show, and it was only like 12 hours ago!

I do continue to enjoy making jokes about Shane and his smoking. I was expecting him to roll up the toilet paper and try to smoke it when they won the reward challenge. (Rim Shot)

Terry is a absolute Survivor stud. Not only did he find the idol on Exile Island, he was able to start a fire in no time. By the end of his 2 days, did he make a Lazy Boy out of bamboo and find a way to get highspeed internet from coconuts? But the more pressing question is, where do you hide it? When he came back from the Island, did he hand it to a producer? Did he have it jammed in his crotch? Can someone ask Dalton Ross about this?

While I don't know the reason, CBS decided to show us Terry getting the Immunity Idol, while with Gary, they didn't let us know until he showed it at tribal council. I think it is because Terry isn't going to have to use it for a WHILE, but you never know with Survivor. Maybe he will be given the opportunity to trade it in for a car, or have to give it to someone else in some crazy "shocking" moment!

I like that during the Immunity challenge, it started to rain, so Probst yelled at the teams to get going, so that the buckets wouldn't fill up with rain and make a bad TV ending for the challenge. Probst is awesome. There needs to be a reality TV host-off or something. Where is Battle of the Network stars when you need it?

Marti did make a few comments about Austin this week. Talking about how he has a great vocabulary and had an interesting way of phrasing things. I could only counter with, "Look at how big Danielle's tits are!"

So Sally stays and Ruth Marie gets voted off. Whatever. Like I said, a forgettable episode. Sadly we are now in the stage of the show where nothing gets interesting until the merge. So we'll all limp along and hope that Shane tries to make a bong of out of a coconut or smoke a snail.


beth said...

But DON'T YOU WANNA MEET THE DONALD??? *giggles* you never know!!!

password: zoykx

Brian said...

I actually thought this was the best episode of the season, and that's not saying much. I'm still dim on it, but I'm sold on another week.

My main problem is that I just don't think any of the players are really compelling. I prefer a little humanity and less strategizing so early on. It's clear Terry is good, but I'm just not fond of how open he is with setting up the alliance and playing the numbers game. It's too calculating for my taste. I understand that has to be part of it, but I think it can be done more tactfully.

I think CBS really needs to switch it up even more, perhaps by not splitting the group from the get-go or constantly switching players among the tribes.

My few other thoughts:
- I like Probst, but I'm curious to know how much he knows. Does he know Terry has the immunity idol or not?
- I didn't like how the one player, Nick, I think, said he was going to stick with the alliance and vote Sally and then he went the Ruth Marie route. I surmise it was probably because he was the tie-breaker and didn't want that, but I was disappointed.
- The tribe that has been winning is incredibly unbearable to watch.

kontan said...

.26 found today

I'm watching American Idol and that's about it. I'm so turned off of tv right now.

Penny Squisher said...

I did a quick Yahoo groups check and found a picture you could probably "borrow" for your posts. You should be able to get it by going to this address :

Is it just me or is everyone on the purple tribe way more interesting than everyone on the orange tribe? Crazy but interesting. The orange tribe couldn't even get their fire started without Terry -- pitiful!

I think they should have stuck with the 4 tribes longer than they did -- I wanted to see what those women were going to do without the Lumber Jill.


Liza said...

Any chance of an American Idol update? I like Survivor well enough, but American Idol is my true love.

Copacabana! Sway's falsetto! Pick Pickler! It's just TOO good.

Password: tcoiejnf

Ahamed Iqbal said...

There are a lot of those free giveaway things in Vegas for time shares. I think the way they make money is just sheer numbers. The profit margin is so high that they can take a small loss on a lot of people if a few buy time shares.
Plus most of the sales people have the mindset that they can sell anything to anyone (and they can be very annoying by the way).
I suggest avoiding the trouble and just buying the book.