Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day 546

For the last 3-4 days, one of our two cats, Peanut has been limping around the house. This morning, she started to walk with her leg up.

Marti and I were worried that she might have something wrong, so we took her to the vet. While she was getting x-rays, we walked over to Panara for a bagel and I found 2 pennies.

afterwards, we saw the x-rays (Cat x-rays are pretty cute. I wanted to keep them, and post them up, but they Vet said they keep them for their records) it turned out that Peanut did not have a broken bone. The vet said she probably had a pulled muscle and the beginning of some arthritis (She is a tad overweight). We did get 5 days of painkillers to help out Peanut, so now she will be spending the next week strung out! Good times!

Total for the Day - $0.02
Total for the Race - $191.10

1 comment:

Chris said...

Nice to know that you were willing to get bagels as your poor cat was suffering.

That said, said cat is pure evil, so hopefully some pain pills will take the edge off her!

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