Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day 549

No change found today.

Although I did come up with a good idea, and am interested to know your thoughts.

Without getting into details my new job, which is awesome, it allows me some time to work at home. After a full day at home, I start to get stir crazy, so latley, I've been heading down to the local Panara, because they have free internet and I can sit and do my work, out of the house and enjoying a drink and bagel.

I have noticed a good number of people are doing much the same thing that I am. Well after doing this 4-5 times, I noticed that many people just get the bagel, and drink water for free, or come strolling in from the patio with their cups for a refill. So here is my thought. The coke cup is a nice solid styraphome cup. Since the place is pretty busy at all times, why can't I just wash that cup at home, and bring it back next time I come? Will anyone notice or remember that I didn't buy a coke that day? Won't I just look like the people coming in from the patio?

I'll still buy a bagel, but do I need to buy a coke EVERY time, if I am going there 2 times a week. Maybe I'll buy a coke one every 2 weeks.


Total for the Day - $0.00
Total for the Race - $191.61


Liza said...

I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get caught, but it's stealing. You don't get all-you-can-drink privileges for a week when you buy a soda.

Our Panera has little clear plastic cups that are free to get water, so I would just do that if you don't want to pay for a drink. Or just bring your own soda.

You will love Spain. We were in Barcelona a few years ago and can't wait to take Noah.

Brian said...

Bailey: I would be tempted, too, but you don't want to do it. Free Wi-Fi rules, but I think my laptop is one of the ones with a bum battery.

Liza: Where did the Spain bit come from?

Bailey: Sorry for conversing with wife via your comments.

Bailey said...

I guess I can just be happy with the free Wi-Fi they provide.

I do like Liza's idea of bringing my own soda. That is a good solution!

As for the trip to Spain. I have been a few times, but Marti has never been. It is awesome, my friend has a place in Mallorca.

Brian - converse away on my blog :-)