Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 548

There are few things I hate more than going to the dentist. Sadly, I have yet to break away and stop going to my hometown dentist in Indiana. I think the time has come. I hate to change, because I know the people at my place, and they are pretty gentle with me. But, just in case there is ever an emergency, I should probably have a local dentist.
At poker on Saturday, a guy recommended a dentist, so today I decided to go check out her office before I made an appointment. It looked alright, and I have an appointment on 8-29.

On the way back, I stopped at a random car wash, and found 3 pennies.

I then met up with Marti at the AAA office, so she could get her passport photo taken. While waiting for them to develop, I bought some luggage tags, which came to a total price of $2.90. I paid $3, and it took the guy almost 5 minutes to go back to the only working register and get my dime. I was thinking to myself that it is silly that I am waiting so long for a dime. But of course, I waited for it. Then after all that thought about a dime, I went out to my truck, and there was a dime sitting next to the wheel!

I also found 1 nickel and 1 penny at McDonald's and 2 pennies at the Scrubby Duck tonight.

Total for the Day - $0.21
Total for the Race - $191.61


Liza said...

What's with the passport? Is some international travel on the horizon?

I love passports. I was bummed they didn't stamp ours at the crossing into Canada.

(I just had to refresh the page and retype my comment because the passcode was just a red x!)

Bailey said...

Sadly, no international trip on the horizon.

Marti has never gotten one, and I figured that it is a good thing to have. So much easier to bring that for ID, than your SS Card or your Birth Cert.

Plus, we are thinking about trying to do a trip to Spain with some friends in the future, and a Passport is something that it is good to always have one valid, just in case.