Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Penny

I know I said that I was probably going to post once a week. And while that is true, if I have the time, or feel the need to post, there is nothing saying that I can't do a mid-week update. All the more reason to check in often!

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of a penny that my Mom sent me. It is kind of ironic, because she knows NOTHING about the Change Race. But she is always sending me dumb stuff, but this was rather unique, and I thought that I would share.

Somebody has pressed a mold Lincoln's face into the penny, so it is 3D. Very interesting, and I have NEVER seen anything like this before. When I asked my Mom about where she got it, she had totally forgotten, and just found it in a pile of stuff at the house and sent it to me. If anybody knows anything about this type of molding (Penny Squisher? It is like a reverse Squish!), I would be interested to hear it. It would be cool to get a full set of 3D coins!

Marti and I have been helping out at the St. Louis Blues games (One of Marti's friends hooked us up with this gig). We hand out the promotions to the fans at the gates as they enter, then we get free tickets to the game. We get to go down near the ice after the game, see some of the players, and get as many of the promotional items as we want! I hate to say it, but Hockey is really a great sport in person. With free tickets, I could see myself getting into it. It didn't hurt that there were like 4 big hits and 3 fights on Saturday night.

After the Blues win on Saturday over the Blackhawks, I found 2 dimes and 3 pennies under seats after the game.

Total for the Weekend - $0.23
Total for the Race - $196.65


Penny Squisher said...

I know I have seen a coin like that but I can't remember the exact term for them. I was thinking it was punched but I did a search on ebay and I don't think that is the right term. It looks pretty cool.

Did you watch my Seattle Seahawks beat your town's Rams? I was getting really worried that the Seahawks were going to lose another game for a while there.

Becca:) said...

Sorry about your Mets! I was cheering for them and I was sad to see them go, especially since the Mets going to the World Series would have totally pissed off Yankees fans; I like seeing Yankees fans pissed off. Becca:)

Anonymous said...

10-1, she got it at Stuckeys! Wild guess on my part.

Joe W