Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Luggage Cart

On Monday I had to go to Minnesota again for a business trip. Thank goodness for airports and delays, because it gave me time to walk around the airport in St. Louis and Minneapolis and find a total of 2 quarters, 2 dimes and 7 pennies. It looks like this trend will continue because I am planning on making many more trips to Minneapolis in the next few months (And next Sun-Tues!), and for some reason, I can't seem to EVER fly out of Minneapolis on time! The last 3 times I have flown out of MSP, I have been delayed for rain, wind and a fire at the STL airport!

One of my best finds was at a luggage cart return machine. They offered a quarter for any cart that was returned. I checked the slot, and there was a quarter! Then I looked around the corner and found a cart, which I returned for another quarter, which did not count toward the race.

As for the Chris update, I just got an e-mail from him yesterday and I am happy to report that the streak is still alive. Once again, the Chris update in his own words - "You will be happy to know that I found 105 Forint today in Budapest, the equivalent of about 51 cents. The streak is alive and I go to Prague tomorrow."

Total for the Week - $0.77
Total for the Race - $203.28

Totals for November 2006

Total - $4.00

Quarters - 6
Dimes - 17
Nickels - 4
Pennies - 60


Becca:) said...

Nice finds in the MSP airport. Newark airport is not as lucrative... on the way to Ireland I found 7 cents (all pennies). I mean it wasn't bad, but still - I was there for 4 hours, you would think I found have found a little bit more. Chris only found a quarter (better than my finds), but I was there longer.

Bailey said...

Sorry to hear that Newark wasn't as good for you. Sadly, there aren't many good things you can say for anything in Newark!