Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Thanksgiving Trip

The last few days Marti and I have been doing the family road show. We spent Wednesday and Thanksgiving with Marti's family in Northern Indiana. Then we spent Friday and Saturday with my family and friends in Southern Indiana. We spent the last 3 Thanksgivings in Houston, so it was nice to spend it with friends and family. As always Marti's family had an amazing Turkey and dinner, so that was great. And it was also nice to be back, because most of my friends come home for the weekend after Thanksgiving to visit everyone and enjoy many drinks at the bars around IU. This weekend was no different, and let's just say that Marti drove last night, and I woke up this morning with a headache and memories of a very great time.

During the trip I found 2 dimes and 2 pennies. No real exciting finds, but all were found in grocery stores, either on the ground, or in the case of the dime, in a Coinstar machine.

While I was going through all the mail we got during our trip, I found another solicitation Bank of America, just like the one I got on Day 461. This time the penny was from 1983, but it can not be counted as found change, and thus, just goes straight into the empty Snapple bottle that holds all my pennies.

Finally, time to get to a Chris update. I got an e-mail from our Change Finding Warrior today. He sent me an e-mail from Ireland, on a computer that did not have the ability to make capital letters. So in reality, he e-mailed me from ireland. As of Sunday, he as found change on every day, so as of now, the streak is still alive. Here is an excerpt from his e-mail, "my most solid find was a one euro piece on the first day. my most solid non-euro find was an american penny, which i found at the airport on the first day."

Total for the Week - $0.22
Total for the Race - $202.51

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