Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Anheuser Busch Tour

Yesterday I went to the Post Office and found 1 penny in the parking lot.

Today Marti and I decided to go take the Anheuser Busch tour, since we have not done it since we moved to St. Louis. We also didn't have anything planned today, the tour is free, and you get 2 free samples of beer after the tour. I found one penny on the road during the tour (A very clean 1964 penny). Overall the tour was pretty boring. We saw the Clydesdales and a few of the huge stainless steel brewing vats. Sadly the bottling plants, which I really wanted to see, was closed. But it was free, and the samples were nice, as we got to try some different beers for free. It was also fun to see people just get a Bud Light. We figured that this was the opportunity to branch out from your normal beer routine. Sadly this was not the case of the guy wearing the tank top, who crushed 2 Bud Lights in about 6 minutes.

Here are some pictures from our tour.

On the way home, we stopped at Schnuck's and I found a penny on the Coinstar Machine. I'm not sure if it was a reject or if someone put it there to spread the word of angels this holiday season. As you can see below the penny has the image of an angel punched out of the middle.

As I was leaving Marti said that it couldn't count toward the race, because you need over 51% of a coin to exchange at a bank (Which I have NEVER seen in writing, just some urban legend). I disagreed, because I could easily put this in with a roll of pennies and get value for it. I know that Chris and I have found pennies cut in half, and I believe that we have counted it. So, I have counted it toward the totals. If anyone objects, please let me know, and if the majority objects, the angel penny will be stricken from the totals!

Total for the Week - $0.03
Total for the Race - $206.34


Chris said...

The 51 percent thing with currency (including coins) is real. Check out this government web site for what constitutes damaged currency:

You can also contact the Bureau of Engraving and Printings (and I promise I'm not making this part up) Mutilated Currency Division at 866-575-2361 with any questions.

Looking at the coin it looks like there is clearly more than 51 percent (a criteria) and it can be identified as the currency that it is (another criteria) so I would say that it is a penny of full value that can be counted toward the daily totals.

Password: brubnhh

Bailey said...


Good stuff and thanks for the research.

Props to you. You're a stand up guy. Rack em' and give him a Slingbox!


Chris said...

I am a stand up guy and deserve to be racked. I'll settle for an IPod instead of the Sling Box though.

password: ergovcm