Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The TV Seat

With the new job, I now have some vacation time to use before the end of the year, so I decided to go visit my cousin and her new baby in Orlando. She is my mother's, brother's daughter, but we were both only children and only 3 years apart in age (If you are an avid reader of the blog, you might remember that I have mentioned siblings before, they are all of the Half variety). So we are really more like brother and sister, in fact we call each other that.

So with that out of the way, I went to go visit my new Nephew. I left St. Louis with snow and 32 degrees, and here was the view I woke up at the Hampton Inn I was staying at.

Not to shabby huh? (Also, if you are wondering why I didn't stay with my cousin, remember that the little one that I was visiting, is NOT sleeping through the night yet!)

After dinner one night in Orlando, I ran out to pick up some Frosty's for the gang, and I found 1 dime, 1 nickel and 3 pennies.

This morning, at the Orlando Airport I found 2 dimes and 4 pennies around the TSA security area. So Brian, this might answer your question as to what happens to that change, it goes to me! :-)

I took a seat to wait for my flight, and check out what I saw in the seating area.

You really don't see that to much anymore in airport. A VERY retro item. If I could have found a way to put it in the overhead bin, I would have tried to steal it, because those would be cool to have in your house, and would probably sell on eBay.

While I was taking this picture, I noticed a woman on a laptop giving me a VERY odd and dirty look. Probably because I was taking very random pictures in the airport, and maybe she was worried I was up to something no good. Either way, I wasn't happy with the dirty look, so to pay her back, I took some pictures of HER while she wasn't looking and added them to the blog!

I feel so much better now!

In the concourse of the St. Louis airport I found 2 pennies.

Finally, walking to my car, I checked out the return coin slot for one of those luggage cart machines. Normally there isn't anything in them, since the machines at the St. Louis airport don't offer money back for returning carts. But today, I found 1 quarter stuck in the slot. When I jiggled it loose, I realized why it was stuck, there were 6 more quarters in the return tray behind it. So I found a total of 7 quarters! Good times!

Total for the Week - $2.19
Total for the Race - $206.31


Chris said...

Nice finds and nice pictures. By the way, it will be 80 in Houston this weekend! Still happy about living in St. Louiseeeeeee?

password: genrib

Bailey said...

The last 2 days it has been almost 65 here in St. Louis. Much nicer than the steamy 80 in Houston. Couldn't be happier.

Plus, I do miss cold weather, so your argument doesn't work to well.

Chris said...

Talk to me after another one of those blizards that you guys seem to have every week or so.

password: crktxo

AndyfromSimi said...

Love those TV Seats... Yep, you don't find those too often anymore. Hey, your lady friend there might have been lurking on your blog wondering if your the guy finding all those coins in airports. Funny Pics you got of her... I usually smile when someone I don't know is taking my picture. Of course, I also try to sneak into the photos that other people are taking and make weird faces or just smile like I might know them. Sometimes, I pose like a model from a catalog. You know, "fingers on the watch. Or , just pointing in some direction.

I'm always wondering just how many people have seen their photos wondering "who is that guy?" Oh, he's just some random guy... don't know him. Sure looks weird!