Sunday, February 04, 2007

The McNugget Bucket

Marti and I went to volunteer at the Blues game (We hand out the promotional items, and then get to stay at the game for free. Not a bad deal. We also get to grab a bunch of the items before we leave, and I sell them on eBay, so not bad at all!). Near a beer stand, I found 7 pennies.

Then we went to Schnuck's to buy supplies for our Super Bowl get together, and I found 3 pennies and a Candian 5 cent piece in the Coinstar machine.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Chris and I decided that even though we were not in the same area, we would both get the 50 piece McNugget Bucket and enjoy it together over the phone.

Long story short, I ended up going to 4 different McDonald's and never got my bucket! At first I was sent away from my first McDonald's because they said they were a "franchise" and a "Corperate" one might have it. I really didn't know there was a difference! Either way, Chris got 50 McNuggets, and I only got 10. I did check the drive-thru's at all McDonald's that I went to and got a total of 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 3 nickels and 14 pennies.

One McDonald's manager was VERY rude to me when I was asking about the Bucket. Bascially treating me like an idiot for asking about it. I felt good when I was grabbing change at her window, and she stuck her head out and asked "What the hell are you doing?". I just finished grabbing all the change, and then shot her a dirty look as I walked away.

Total since last post - $1.19
Total for the Race - $215.93


nhcardhunter said...

That's great stuff, Bailey. I had no idea that you could even purchase a bucket of nuggets, although I have to admit, I haven't been to Mickey D's in a very long time.



Bailey said...

They normally only sell it around the Super Bowl. And now it looks like they don't sell it at all in St. Louis!

Chris said...

I feel your pain. Well, not exactly since I polished off the last of my McNuggets this evening. I feel pain, but not exactly the kind that you know.

Password: idkdmr

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