Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Missouri State Basketball Game

Every year, Marti has made a cookie cake for our Super Bowl party. The last few years, she has created the Super Bowl logo, but since we are both from Indiana, she made a Colts cookie this year. The writing didn't come out that great, but it tasted great, and I believe it is the main reason that the Colts won on Sunday!

This week I had to travel to Kansas City and Springfield. For some reason I thought that I might end up finding some fun things along the way, so I brought the camera with me, and now I get to share some pictures.
In memory of my time spent in Houston. I love towns that obviously didn't put much effort into their town name.

Nothing says fun like driving through the western edge of Missouri. Some of the most flat and boring driving I have EVER done!

Love those Mom & Pop Used Bookstores on Main Street. This one has a GREAT name.

Downtown Springfield was a pretty average small-town downtown. Except for the random yellow Corvette and Lotus parked next to each other.

Because a meeting got cancelled on Tuesday, I was stuck with about 8 hours to kill in Springfield on Tuesday night. So I decided to go to the Missouri State Basketball game.

I was talking with Chris before I went to the basketball game, and we decided to play a little game, since I had my camera with me. He gave me a short list of things to take pictures of. I was able to find 3 of the 4 things that he asked for.

#1 - A couple holding hands. I was walking the other way when I saw them, so I had to whip around and snap a picture pretty quick. The hands are a bit blocked, but I promise that they are holding hands!
#2 & #3 - This picture is great, because I killed two birds with one stone. I had to get a guy with his face painted AND a guy with a crazy hat or hair. Thankfully this kid brought both to the table. #4 - A Couple kissing. Chris also offered bonus points if it was a girl/girl couple. I obviously didn't get this one accomplished, but I did find a kid with an eye patch. Seems like I should get some credit for this find!

On to the change finds. At the Missouri State game, I found 1 Canadian Penny. Ugh.

On the way back from the game to the Hampton Inn, I stopped off at a car wash and found 3 pennies. Then at McDonald's I found 2 dimes, 1 nickel and 21 pennies. Finally back at in St. Louis, I found 1 penny at Schnuck's.

Total since last post - $0.50
Total for the Race - $216.43


Brian said...

Nice post. You're really hitting your stride again. What's the name of that bookstore? I can't make it out.

Chris said...

Nice pictures, but while you are at it what is the name of the town that has no imagination? I can't make that out either.

Password: ybfjbszn

Bailey said...

Sorry about that. Normally, you can click the picture and it will show it full-size.

The store name is "The Well Fed Head"

The town name was "Houstonia"