Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Tournament - Day One

This week I found 1 dime and 5 pennies. I also did a change walk at the Scrubby Duck, and did not find any change, but did find a Scrubby Duck token, the second time I have found a token there. The token is worth $1.00, but since it is not currency, it does not count toward the total. It will count next time I go there to wash my car!

Seriously, today should be a national holiday. I was lucky and able to stay around the house today and watch all the 1st Round NCAA Basketball games. I am also in love with March Madness on Demand on It allowed me to watch one game on my computer real-time, while watching another one on the TV. I could never imagine going back to a world without the Internet.

Highlights and Lowlights of NCAA Tournament Day One

Highlight - VCA beating Duke. Anytime Duke loses it is a Highlight.

Lowlight - Texas A&M being down by 1 with 10 minutes to go. Thankfully they won, because I have them going to the Final Four. Acie Law IV will be all over ESPN in 2 weeks, just wait.

Highlight - The CBS promos for The Masters. They always start during the tournament, and to me it is like the Groundhog - my way of knowing that Spring is just around the corner

Lowlight - Marti being in first place in our NCAA pool so far, while I am in last place. She is really talking some shit. She better keep up the lead, or else she is in for a world of shit-talking if I take back the lead. Details to follow.

Highlight - IU up on Gonzaga at halftime, as I write this. Hopefully they hold on! Although, I think they are going to get slaughtered by UCLA in the next round if they make it.

Total since last post - $0.15
Total for the Race - $219.29


Kansas Simplicity said...

Baily - I would be interested in understanding your technique on finding change. I never find any change yet you seem to have a skill in this area and given the amount it is working. Thanks for sharing if you would like and you can email me at or feel free to post back on my blog.

Bailey said...

Thanks for the comments, even though I have to believe that you are partly just shilling for your own blog by inserting the website in the comments. No worries, as I know what it is like trying to get readers.

To answer your question, you might get better answers out of Chris, check his totals!

But my advise would be to just go to where the change is. Always keep your eyes down when you are at a drive-thru, car wash or at any kind of register. Airports are good also, and always check the Coinstar machine.

Hope this helps. And I look forward to hearing about you finding more change in the future!

nhcardhunter said...

I had Gonzaga in the first round, Bailey. I figured they'd take care of IU. Overall though I'm doing pretty well. Wisconsin didn't cost me in the bracket like it did for many others.



Kansas Simplicity said...

Thanks for the tip and I rode my bike around one of the huge parking lots..Sure enough found .30 in about 1/2 hour. Good exercise and a lot of fun. Also, I found your link at change can be a good thing while reading that blog and was genuine intrigued about your effort.

So no 'shilling' (nice pun given it is a coin unit in England and other countries) Sir.

Thanks for the advice and I will give this a try over the next few weeks for some exercise and fun.