Monday, March 12, 2007

The Full House

The last week as been very busy and hectic. After I got back from Chicago, I had a 48 hour turn around, before I had to go to Kansas City for a 3 day meeting. I was home for about 14 hours before I had to head out again to Atlanta. Throughout the travels I found 2 dimes and 9 pennies. I can't remeber where I found all the change.....I was lucky just to remember all my luggage!

Back in STL, I found a dime in the Coinstar machine. Upon futher investagation I noticed that it was a 1962 Steel Dime! It will not go with all the other found change, as I do have a box where I put very old coins, wheat pennies and steel dimes!

Saturday night I went out to play poker. We played 2 games (I finished 3rd and 5th), then decided to go out to the Casino Boat. I was holding my own until I got pocket Jacks. There were 4 people who bet with me. The flop was 4-4-J, I had flopped the highest Full House. I bet $30, and everyone bugged out, except for some guy who had JUST sat down. He raised me another $30. So I went all-in. He called, and I won over $250! Good times!

On the way home from the Casino Boat (At 5am, thanks to the time change), I stopped off at McDonald's and found 3 dimes and 7 pennies.

Total since last post - $0.76
Total for the Race - $219.14

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