Friday, May 11, 2007

The Sacagawea Dollar Coin

Once again, sorry for the length of time between posts. Two weeks ago, I was in Minnesota for work. When I got to the rental car place in the airport, they were out of mid-size cars, so they gave me a premiumn car instead, at no extra charge. Check out my whip while I was in Minnesota!

At the BK near my hotel in Minnesota, I found 1 quarter and 3 pennies.

On my last few trips, I have been renting a Garmin GPS device when I rent my car. It comes in handy, and I no longer have to print maps and such. I have enjoyed it so much, that I ended up buying one for myself.

But on this trip, I found out that I could use the Garmin to search for Car Washes in the area and get directions. So now when I have some time to kill before appointments, I can search for car washes in the area. On this trip I ventured to the Towne Center Car Wash (On Yankee Doodle Ave, fun road name, huh?) and found 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 7 pennies.

Back in St. Louis I found 1 dime in front of Wal-Mart, 1 penny at Schnuck's and 2 pennies at the Scrubby Duck.

On Sunday I went to Busch Stadium for a Cardinals game and found 1 quarter and 1 dime near concession stands. After the game I found 1 quarter under a seat.

Finally, this week I was in Iowa for business. I had some time to kill on Wednesday night, so I stopped by the Hi Speed Car Wash, which I noticed when we were driving into our hotel. At first I was unhappy, because I thought that I found a token for the car wash, which wouldn't count toward the totals. But I was very suprized and happy to find out that it was a Sacagawea Dollar Coin, my first of the race! As they say in the Simpsons, it can be turned into the bank for a real dollar! I also found 7 pennies at the Hi Speed Car Wash.

Total since last post - $2.85
Total for the Race - $225.34


Suzi said...

I had to read a little further to figure out why you were taking your rental car to the car wash. Now I get it! And guess what?! I live about 12 minutes away from the Town Center Car Wash. Small blog world!

Bailey said...

Very small blog world.

Next time you are at the Towne Center Car Wash keep your eyes down!

Chris said...

Better yet, next time she is there she should scatter coins on the ground!

Password: gjxpz

Brian said...

GPS rules. We tried in on a vacation in January and I happened to get one for my birthday in February. Nice finds...

Bailey said...

Chris - That is a GREAT idea. Suzi, I will let you know of my next visit, so you can walk over there and scatter coins all around!

Brian - I couldn't agree more, GPS rules!

nhcardhunter said...

You gotta love those dollar coin finds, Bailey. The ride is pretty sweet, too.



kestrelia said...

Awesome find! Wonder what the odds are of finding one of those beauties is?

kestrelia said...

Hey, did you ever happen to find a 50 cent piece?

Becca:) said...

Nice finds - quality for sure!

Bailey said...


The odds are pretty low of finding one of those coins. This is the first one I have found in 3+ years. Chris (Who finds everything) has found only 2.

As for a $0.50 piece, no, I have not found one yet. But I'm looking!