Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Spam Museum

I found 1 penny at Schnuck's. On my way to Minneapolis this week, I had a great trip to the St. Louis Airport TSA check-point as I found 1 quarter, 2 dimes and 2 nickels. I had to reach pretty far under the rollers after the X-Ray machine to pick up both of those dimes. I was a little nervous that one of the TSA guys was eyeing me pretty good as I reached down to get the dimes. A TSA employee has a bit more authority than a fast food worker. Thankfully, he just smiled when I flashed him the coins.

Now onto the long awaited Spam Museum pictures!!

This is the "Wall of Spam" when you walk in.

I love the title of the movie that is playing. I did not have the interest to sit down and watch it.

Nothing in the world looks more sick, than that pizza.

Across the street from the Museum, is the Spamarama Burger Place.

What would any visit be without a picture of Spammy!

Here is the front of the museum.

The history of Spam. A wagon cart filled with cases of lard!

This was kind of fun. You tried to make a can of Spam as fast as workers in the factories could do it. My best time was 34 seconds (The labels are hard to get on), yet the factory average is something like 12 seconds. Nothing like pretending to be a illegal immigrant. In case you were wondering, there was not a river I had to cross, or a fence I had to break through to reach this part of the museum!

The pig doors speak for themselves!

So much in the Spam Museum can speak for it's self!

Total since last post - $0.56
Total for the Race - $233.53

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