Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Larry Craig Bathroom

In my last trip to Minneapolis, I had some good finds at the TSA Check-Points in St. Louis and Minneapolis. All told, I found 2 dimes and 5 pennies. I also found 2 quarters under the seat in my rental car. (One of the quarters was the new Kansas model, which I believe is the first I have gotten in the race)

Back in town I found 1 quarter and 1 dime and Schnuck's. Last weekend Marti and I went to the IU vs St. Louis Soccer Game, as the St. Louis area IU Alumni Association was holding a party before and after the game. (IU has a great soccer program, and we can into the game ranked #2 in the country). Sadly, IU lost 2-1, but I did find a quarter in the stands.

Finally, I think that we have all heard the Larry Craig story by now. But it was interesting to me, since I fly through the Minneapolis Airport about once a month. (And it goes without saying, that I had no idea of all the "action" that was going on in the restrooms!) Well, in one of the articles, it said that the incident occurred in the restroom right next to the Snoopy statue and I know exactly where that is! I felt that the readers of the Change Race deserved some pictures of this place in history.
To honor this site, I did go into the bathroom and used it for #1. I saw some feet under the stalls, but decided against kicking them or taking pictures of them.

Total since last post - $1.35
Total for the Race - $236.02


Chaim said...

HAH! Oh, man. I had heard that this bathroom had become something of a tourist attraction, but this is the first actual account of the visit that I have read.

Probably a good idea to not take pictures of the feet. Would have been entertaining, though, to kick the feet, THEN take pictures of the people as they stumble out of the stall trying to take you out....

Wally Banners said...

You got my Battle of the Blogs Vote:)

Bailey said...

Chaim - Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure how much of a tourist attaction it is since I seemed to be the only one who was taking pictures or staring at it. But I guess someone could have walked by and saw me talking pictures and though because of that it WAS a tourist attaction!
Yes, good idea not to take pictures of the stalls!

Wally - Thanks.

Chris said...

A 2-1 loss? Wow, that's like a huge blowout in soccer, right?