Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Zipper Puller

This week I had to go to Columbus, Ohio for a regional meeting. Before I get to my finds for the week, let me give you a bit of back story, so you understand why the finds this week were so awesome.

As you know, I do quite a bit of traveling for work. Because of this, my travel suitcase has taken quite a beating over the past 2 years. A few months back, I lost one of the zipper pulls for one of the many zippers on my suitcase. Sadly it was the one that I probably use the most, the one that zipped up the main part of the suitcase, from bottom to top. I put in a paperclip to serve as a quick solution until I went out and bought a new tab. It turned into one of those things that I just never got around to doing.

Now back to this week. At the St. Louis Aiport TSA check-point I found not only 3 pennies, but this;

I was so excited! I didn't have to worry about getting a new one. But things went from good to great as coming back from Columbus, I found not one but TWO more zipper pulls! One was at the Columbus TSA and the other was in the jet way!

When in rains it pours!

Now I have gone from a man missing one zipper pull, to a man with two to many! So I ask you, which one do you think I should use? Here are the facts that you need to know. My suitcase is black & gray, and the current pulls are black and have some rubber on them. Here are my thoughts;

Tab #1 - It is black so it matches the rest of the suitcase. Plus it seems to be from Swiss Army which is kinda fun.

Tab #2 - It is the largest, and has a nice section at the end which is raised and has thread to help my grip

Tab #3 - This would be the populist candidate. Very simple and basic.

What are your thoughts? Me, my suitcase and my zipper await your decision!

Total since last post - $0.03
Total for the Race - $265.52


Brian said...

Plain one, no doubt.

lpkitten said...

holy crap! that means there are three other people without zipper pullers. i wonder if this is an epidemic problem?

i agree with brian though. the plain one is best. congrats on your find!

budgets are sexy said...

haha..i JUST kicked one of these the other day at National Airport in DC. if only i read this, i could have rescued it for you :)

Bailey said...

Thanks for the comments. You can see in my new post that I have already attached the plain zipper pull!

BAS - I would have loved to have a 4th entry in the zipper pull contest. Next time!