Sunday, May 25, 2008

The 2008 Indy 500

Since my last post I found;
  • 2 pennies at the Schnuck's Check-Out counter
  • 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 1 penny outside of Kohl's in Iowa
  • 1 dime and 7 pennies at a Sonic in Iowa
When I got to my hotel in Iowa, I thought that there was a SERIOUS problem with my car, because it smelled like burning rubber. I went to dinner and the smell went away, so I figured all was alright with the Accord. When I got back to the hotel the smell was back! I turned on my car, smelled the exhaust, walked around the car and tried to figure out what was causing the smell. After I looked around, I noticed the huge factory only a block away, that was likely the case of the smell. When I drove away the next day, the smell was gone. Thank you factory in Keokuk, Iowa!

As I have mentioned before, I love watching the Indianapolis 500, and today was no exception. I was really impressed with the way that Tony Kannan handled the situation with his teammate, who basically put him out of the race. I really hope that he can win it one of these years.

A few months back, we switched from our crappy cable company to AT&T Uverse for our TV, and not only do we pay less, but we have HD. Watching the race in HD was awesome. I played a lot of HD / Non-HD channel switching game. Marti did not enjoy the game as much as I did! :-)

Total since last post - $0.35
Total for the Race - $266.98

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Money Maker said...

I recently switched my own Cable service over and noticed that my plasma Tv supports HD-- but only at a very small pixelation. Still, I like the Picture in Picture thingie.. ahh the wonders of modern technology (now I can procrastinate double time!)